Quick & Efficient Telemedicine State Licensing with Wheel & Medallion

Getting licensed to practice telemedicine in multiple states is hard work. Get help from a new partnership between Wheel & Medallion and save $50 on your medical licensing service.

If you want to thrive in telehealth, getting licensed in multiple states is key. Propelled by increased patient demand for virtual care prompted by the pandemic and a personal desire for career flexibility, physicians and nurse practitioners are pursuing telemedicine practice in greater numbers than ever before. Telehealth truly offers a new way for clinicians to work—providing healthcare on your terms, on your schedule, from home. But more clinicians jumping into the telehealth workforce also means greater competition for telehealth positions.

Getting licensed to practice medicine in multiple states is the number one way to get hired in telehealth.

We recommend that clinicians secure multiple state licenses to be considered for any telehealth position with Wheel. This ensures you a steady stream of patient consults and shows virtual care companies you are a versatile provider with the motivation and drive to deliver broad patient coverage. Unfortunately, securing licenses takes time, requirements and process change often and from state to state, and it costs money upfront.

That’s why we partnered with trusted medical licensing company, Medallion, to offer discounted medical licensing services for prospective telehealth clinicians.

Sign up with Medallion today, and get $50 off your licensing service.

Recently, we spoke to a panel of experienced telehealth nurse practitioners and physicians about the challenges and tips they had for securing multiple state licenses and working in telehealth. The biggest takeaway? Getting licensed is HARD, but well worth it.

“Getting my licenses has been an investment, but a profitable investment. It’s made my life easier and allowed me to transition from a clinical practice that I was struggling with to a completely virtual practice where I choose my own hours and choose my own jobs.”
- Chet Tharpe, MD, actively licensed in 36 states

At Wheel, we’re committed to empowering clinicians in a number of ways—one is by reducing the friction in achieving multi-state licensure. To help clinicians get moving in telemedicine, we partnered with medical licensure company Medallion to help nurse practitioners and physicians secure and maintain medical licenses quickly and efficiently.

Medallion offers assistance with:

  • Application filing: Applications differ by state. Medallion credentialing specialists know what you need and ensure your application is complete and accurate prior to sending it to the boards.
  • Progress tracking: It can be hard to navigate licensure bureaucracy and paper trails. Know exactly where you stand with transparency and accurate updates through the process.
  • Expiration alerts: Keep track of existing licenses and get expiration alerts before they expire.

Medallion facilitates the licensure process every step of the way. With over a decade of experience, Medallion is trusted by leading telehealth companies like Roman, Nurx, and Ophelia to procure their clinicians’ licenses, and now they can do the same for you.

Sign up with Medallion today, and get $50 off your licensing service.

While it won’t guarantee you a telehealth position, it can greatly increase your chances. And most of our clinicians say that getting more licenses pays off. There really isn’t a magic number of licenses to have, but your demand as a clinician will increase exponentially the more you procure.

“I should have 17 licenses by the end of the year, and it’s all been pretty worth it. It opens up new opportunities and allows you to stay at home with your family. I haven’t come across any disadvantages to doing all the work for multi-state licensure. It’s definitely given back to me more than I’ve put in.”
- Ed Henson, APRN, actively licensed in 8 states

Ready to get started? Sign up with Medallion today and begin your career transition to more flexibility on your terms with a position in telehealth.

For more information about the state licensing process for telemedicine, catch up on our previously recorded webinars for nurse practitioners and physicians or read our blog on the basics of state licensure for telemedicine.

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