Your white-labeled virtual care workforce for behavioral health

The industry has been revolutionized overnight, and behavioral telehealth companies everywhere are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and the competition. If you're ready to scale efficiently and rapidly with a high-quality clinical network, it’s time to talk to Wheel.

Scale smarter and strengthen your behavioral health brand

Expanding a nationwide virtual care service is expensive, complicated, and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be that way. Wheel is the out-of-the-box, white-label solution that makes it easy.

Your modern workforce solution for virtual care

Wheel is the fastest way to deliver high-quality virtual care at scale. We’ve simplified the approach for behavioral health companies, pairing a virtual care platform with an optimized clinical workforce to give you a turnkey solution for nationwide expansion—alleviating the cost and manpower of doing it yourself.

White-labeled, nationwide clinical network

Deliver a patient experience that puts your brand front and center with access to a broad network of credentialed clinicians with comprehensive specialties including, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Smart Routing™ clinician matching

Wheel’s proprietary, API-first technology connects patients to the right clinician with the right patient and the right time, and ensures regulatory compliance at every step. With Wheel you have access to the lowest SLA and guaranteed response times in the industry, as well as a best-in-class patient experience.

Excellence in clinical quality

Wheel understands the importance of clinical best practices and delivering the best possible outcomes for their patients. At Wheel, we're committed to continuity of care while supporting integrated care environments. We hold our providers to a high standard with protocol adherence oversight and care quality spot checks and reviews.

Expert regulatory guidance

Navigate telehealth’s complex regulatory and legal environment with Wheel, leveraging our state-by-state Friendly PCs, clinician malpractice coverage, and collaborative supervision management.

How it works

Get moving in as little as two weeks with Wheel.


Map your brand journey

Based on the experience you want to deliver, we’ll develop the right protocols and we'll train dedicated clinicians to ensure your brand experience through quality care is on point.


Integrate with Wheel

Our care-matching API technology easily integrates with your platform to delivery the best patient engagement experience.


Deliver quality virtual care

We systematically perform quality checks along the way to ensure the highest standards are met. In fact, our partners have benefited from a 99.5% Average Clinical Quality Score.

Get the competitive edge in telemedicine delivery

For behavioral health companies, we deliver the modern workforce solution that adapts as you scale. From clinical credentialing and training, to quality assurance, to regulatory guidance— Wheel’s got you covered.

Rapidly launch and scale

Accelerate the launch of your telemedicine offering or rapidly expand your existing services. Wheel can get you serving patients in as little as two weeks.

Respond to demand fluctuations

Forecasting is never an exact science, and we get that. We’ve designed our network to quickly flex up or down—from state to state—so you're always staffed precisely to your capacity needs. That’s the beauty of Wheel.

Drive down costs

Drive down overhead while meeting increased patient demand as you scale. Wheel provides accessible, quality virtual care in an affordable and hassle-free way by optimizing the right mix of clinicians for you— saving clients on average 38% in OPEX.

The best-kept secret in virtual care

We’ve found that most behavioral health companies don’t want the world to know they outsource clinical services. And we’re okay with that. While we can’t tell you who our clients are, we can tell you market-leading brands trust Wheel to power their virtual care offering.

SLA Adherence on Patient Wait Times
Average Clinical Quality Score
Clinician Net Promoter Score

Your patients are waiting, let’s move fast together.

Find your momentum with Wheel.