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You’ve established a successful virtual care service, but need to expand into new states without breaking the bank. We can rapidly scale your service while driving down costs for sustainable growth.

Manage a complex clinical workforce

Expanding into new states requires a new level of workforce management. To meet patient demand, you need readily available clinicians with the right state licenses — and you need them on demand. With Wheel, you can improve workforce optimization, guarantee a rapid response time, and ensure the highest-quality, compliant care.

Affordable expansion

Leverage a network of clinicians, equipped to work across virtual care companies but trained specifically in your brand and clinical protocols. By connecting just the clinicians you need with the patients requesting care, you keep your overhead low and achieve economies of scale.

The largest white-labeled clinical network

Provide the highest quality of virtual care all within your brand. We source, credential, monitor, and train clinicians licensed across all 50 states — supplementing your existing network through a tech-optimized workforce.

Flex-based approach to clinical coverage

Our “just-in-time” model is designed to reduce overhead, so you can pass the savings to your patients. We’ll optimize your mix of quality clinicians by type, specialty, and state license, while allowing for fluctuations in patient demand, state to state.

Tech-enabled workforce management

Deliver Instant Care guaranteed response times in compliance with state regulations. We match the right clinician with the right license to the right patient, while informing and optimizing your expansion strategy with actionable consult-level data.

A best-in-class platform

Whether you need an end-to-end technology solution or a clinician UX to plug into your front-end patient experience, Wheel's simple API-driven platform delivers flexible configurations and is fully integrated with Wheel’s clinical workforce.

Markets we serve

No matter how broad or specific your conditions or community niche, Wheel supports your business with a white-labeled virtual care platform, regulatory guidance, a specialized, high-quality clinician network, and turnkey workforce management. We partner with established companies across the care spectrum to scale existing virtual care services.

The trusted solution for quality care

Wheel is the infrastructure providing leading virtual care companies a rapid, turnkey way to serve more patients at scale — while empowering clinicians to deliver the highest quality care. As the modern solution for virtual care delivery, our performance is unmatched.

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