A powerful platform for lab testing services

Access fast, reliable clinician oversight for lab order reviews and approvals, test interpretation, and high-quality, flexible follow-up care.

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Deliver consumer-friendly lab testing at scale

The Wheel care platform and virtual clinician network provides streamlined clinician oversight through a simple API integration – so you can deliver testing and treatment that’s fast, compliant, and loved by patients.

Rapid, tech-enabled lab ordering with Smart Review technology

Comprehensive follow-up care with a clinician

Prescribing when necessary with 99% of US pharmacies

A breadth of testing capabilities

Wheel’s 50-state, 24/7 clinician network offers the flexible, nationwide coverage you need to deliver care across the country. Plus, our library of pre-built test intakes makes expanding your test menu quick and easy.

With rigorous quality standards, we ensure your customers receive clinically appropriate reviews, consultations, and follow-up care when needed.


Large scale testing and on-demand antiviral treatment

Urgent care

Influenza, STIs, lyme disease, and more

General wellness

Vitamin D, stress, fatigue, thyroid health, hormone health, and more

Follow-up care when patients need it

The Wheel platform goes beyond lab reviews and approvals to offer high-quality, flexible follow-up care for personalized treatment.

  • Delegated to your medical group
  • Standard follow-up care
  • Prescribing where appropriate
  • Chat with a clinician or schedule a virtual care visit

Integrate & launch quickly

Whether you have an existing clinician oversight partner or are launching a new lab program, we make it easy to get your service up and running fast.

Wheel’s flexible technology integrates into your existing solution for a friction-free, white-label consumer experience.

  • Modern FHIR APIs
  • Dedicated implementation team
  • Library of pre-built clinical intakes
< 1 min
For high-volume test reviews & approvals
On-time response rate

Partners, never competitors

As a white-label solution, Wheel never competes for your customers. Instead, we empower our clinician network to act independently and always put your customers’ needs first.


Deliver lab services at scale with Wheel