Expand your urgent care services with virtual care

Urgent care centers work with Wheel to capture more patient value and accelerate business growth with turnkey, low-lift virtual care implementation.

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A complete virtual care delivery platform for urgent care centers

Capture more patient value

Reach more patients and stop turning away demand with Wheel. Our 24/7/365, 50-state network of virtual care clinicians lets you extend your operating hours and capacity, so you can deliver care when and where patients need it and maximize your revenue potential.

Deliver virtual care without the lift

Wheel makes it simple to launch and scale virtual care services without the heavy technical lift and capital investment. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing care model and systems for interoperability, operational efficiency, and streamlined patient experiences.

Accelerate business growth

Don’t limit your business model to in-person care. Wheel enables innovative, hybrid care delivery that today’s consumers want. Our modular platform and high-quality clinician network scale with you to drive growth and give you the competitive edge.

On-demand urgent care without the wait

From their front door to yours

  • Enable fast, easy telehealth consults with our white-labeled, patient-friendly platform
  • Deliver high-quality care with a best-in-class clinician network overseen by Wheel
  • Offload async and sync visits for low-acuity or after hours care
  • Add new services easily with our modular platform and extensive library of treatment protocols

The industry-leading clinician network

patient availability
clinician network
<6 Mins
wait for 99% of visits
on-time response rate

Expand services, grow revenue