7 Winning Telemedicine Resume Tips to Make the Best First Impression

telemedicine resume tips

If a recruiter spends an average of 15 seconds looking at your CV, what would yours get across? How can you make sure your telemedicine resume stands out for the right reasons? Make a strong first impression with these resume tips, plus leverage our physician resume template for your next application.

Competition for health practitioner jobs can be stiff - in a traditional, onsite role, one physician position can bring in 100 resumes and CVs. Remove some geographical limitations, and you can imagine how many more applications you may have to beat out for a role in telemedicine. So, how do you stand out? Follow these guidelines for putting together a strong telemedicine resume, including tips from our own recruiters, to position your application head and shoulders above the rest. Better yet, you can use our telemedicine resume template to get yourself that much closer to your new dream career.

7 Telemedicine Resume Tips

1. Add the right amount of detail

Because recruiters are unlikely to spend a lot of time reading through your resume, don’t add too much detail. Include just enough so that recruiters understand your experience and want to know more. Whether you pick a more traditional CV format or a resume format, keep your information to the essentials. The more clinical experience you have, the longer your resume should be, but that doesn’t mean you should make it long to fluff it up. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. Brief is better than long-winded, or worse, exaggerated.

2. Read and re-read your physician CV

Your experience should be enough to overcome a typo, but unfortunately, errors are seen as a sign by many recruiters that you don’t pay enough attention to detail. Don’t let your resume get thrown in the trash because of a mistake that would have taken one more read-through to catch and fix. If you’re not a spelling or grammar aficionado, call in reinforcements for proofreading.

3. List qualifications in a good order

While you may decide you want to rearrange your telemedicine resume in a slightly different order, depending on how the job posting reads, our recruiters suggest that you start with training up front, then relevant experience, followed by organizations, publications, and any other information. The sections can be ordered as follows:

  • Education

  • Licenses/Board Certifications

  • Experience/Employment/Work History (in reverse chronological order)

  • Professional Memberships

  • Publications

  • Other Information (hobbies, interests, any other information relevant to the posting)

4. Keep your physician resume up to date

Two things you want to make sure you do on your resume: Fill in the gaps wherever possible, and keep it updated. You don’t want a recruiter to assume a gap exists for a negative reason. Updated physician CVs are especially important for anyone who has publications and accomplishments to share.

5. Be as accurate and transparent as possible

All of the previously mentioned tips feed into this one. Keeping everything updated, accurately representing the duration of each position you’ve held, and highlighting your accomplishments without embellishing are all best practices. Misrepresentation can only get you so far. The last thing you want to develop is a bad reputation.

6. Keep the formatting visually simple

You’re not applying for a job as a graphic designer, so don’t worry about adding too many fancy visual elements to your telemedicine resume. Your CV needs to get across as much information as possible in a short timespan, so shoot for visually simple, aesthetically pleasing formatting with easy-to-read fonts.

7. If you get stuck, use a telemedicine resume template

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always search for physician resumes and CVs online. To get you started, we’ve made a simple, straightforward, recruiter-approved physician resume template that you can use for your next application. Make sure to mention your multi-state licensure and include any credentials or accomplishments that will set you apart from the pack. After applying these tips to your telemedicine resume, you’ll be one step closer to the flexible job of your dreams.

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