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Wheel seamlessly brings together everything you need to deliver your desired virtual care experience to patients — from a 50-state network of telehealth clinicians to the infrastructure required to manage an on-demand workforce. Our next generation technology is powering the biggest names inside and outside of healthcare.

How Wheel works in 60 seconds

Wheel connects companies and clinicians to deliver the highest-quality virtual care at scale.

The largest marketplace for telehealth

Launching virtual care is complicated. Scaling and sustaining that solution is even harder. Wheel is the infrastructure bringing together companies and clinicians to deliver high-quality telehealth services, on demand.

Launching a new startup?

Building a virtual care infrastructure is complicated, cost-prohibitive, and time-consuming. Wheel has everything you need to get your brand of care to market fast — without the friction.

Launching within an enterprise?

Today’s consumers expect their household brands to offer a digital front door. Wheel can rapidly build your brand of virtual care to strengthen customer value and relationships.

Geo-scaling your services?

You’ve established a successful virtual care service, but need to expand into new states without breaking the bank. We can rapidly scale your service while driving down costs for sustainable growth.

Expanding into new clinical services?

To meet demanding consumer expectations, adding value with new treatment areas can give you a competitive edge. Wheel can quickly and cost-effectively expand your clinical telehealth services.

We're powering virtual care

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Seamlessly bringing together everything you need

Wheel is the best way to deliver your brand of high-quality virtual care at scale. Our unique, tech-enabled marketplace simplifies the approach for companies like yours — lowering fixed costs and providing everything you need for nationwide expansion with one partner.

The largest white-labeled clinical network

Deliver a branded patient experience while accessing virtual primary care and behavioral health providers across all 50 states. Our premier network of board-certified clinicians are credentialed to NCQA standards and trained in Webside Manner and your brand of care.

Best-in-class, modular virtual care platform

Our white-labeled virtual care platform offers flexible configurations and is fully integrated with Wheel's clinical workforce. Leverage our intuitive patient and clinician portals or simply select the technology modules you need. The Wheel platform can support your service from first-touch to follow-up.

Workforce management with Instant Care

Wheel’s proprietary virtual care platform connects patients to the right clinician with the right state license, on demand. Instant Care smart routing gives you access to the lowest SLAs and guaranteed response times in the industry to ensure a best-in-class patient experience.

Integrated clinical & compliance solutions

Navigate telehealth’s complex regulatory and legal environment with Wheel, leveraging our state-by-state Friendly PCs, clinician malpractice coverage, and collaborative supervision management. Wheel also provides access to over 100+ primary care and behavioral health treatment area protocols for the highest-quality care delivery.

How it works

Doing it yourself? It’s expensive, complicated, and time-consuming to stand up a virtual care practice. Wheel makes it easy. Behind the scenes, we’ll be your best kept secret.


Plan your patient demand

Share the state and volume coverage you need and we’ll train the right number of licensed clinicians on your brand of care, scaling to meet your needs as you grow.


Map your patient journey

Based on the experience you want to deliver, we'll develop the right clinical protocols and workflows to ensure quality patient care is on point.


Integrate with Wheel

Leverage your existing platform and access our clinician network via API, or tap into the network with our white-labeled platform. Either way, you'll deliver your brand of care with the industry's fastest response times.


Start delivering quality care

We perform systematic quality checks to ensure the highest standards are met. In fact, our partners have benefited from a 99.5% Average Clinical Quality Score.

Plug in & get moving

Leverage our network-supported virtual care platform or simply tap into our API to access clinicians. Whatever your business goals, Wheel is your complete solution.

Serving organizations of all types

From healthcare to retail to technology players, companies from all domains are leveraging virtual care to strengthen brands, build relationships, and improve outcomes. Learn more about how we can help your organization launch and expand telemedicine services with speed and simplicity.

Rapid, affordable, high-quality virtual care

We deliver the modern workforce solution that adapts as you scale. We seamlessly bring together everything you need to deliver your brand of care, while driving down cost and time-to-market.

Rapidly go to market

Accelerate the launch of your telemedicine offering or rapidly expand your existing services. Wheel can help you start serving patients fast.

Flex with patient demands

Forecasting is never an exact science, and we get that. We’ve designed our network to quickly flex up or down — from state to state — so you're always load-balanced and staffed precisely to your capacity needs. That’s the beauty of Wheel.

Drive down costs

Drive down overhead while meeting increased patient demand as you scale. Wheel provides accessible, quality virtual care in an affordable and hassle-free way. By optimizing the right clinician mix through a low-cost platform, clients save an average 38% in OPEX.

The best-kept secret in virtual care

We’ve found that most companies don’t want the world to know they outsource clinical services. And we’re okay with that. While we won’t disclose our clients, we will share that the household brands you know and love trust Wheel to power their telehealth services.


Your patients are waiting, let’s move fast together

Get your telehealth services rolling with Wheel.