The simplest way to work in telehealth

At Wheel, our mission is to change the way healthcare works by focusing on clinicians. We empower you to deliver the highest-quality virtual care on your terms. It’s time to say yes to more freedom and balance in your medical career with an opportunity in telehealth.

How it works

With Wheel, we make it simple for you to work with as many virtual care companies as you want, giving you the diversity of conditions and treatment areas you would experience in a clinic setting — without the hassle of finding the partners yourself. Plug into our clinical network and we’ll show you how easy it can be.


Getting started

We have remote telehealth jobs for nurse practitioners, physicians, registered nurses, and physician assistants within a diverse array of specialties. The first step is to fill out the pre-application form so we can learn more about you to find the best potential virtual care job opportunities.


Kick off credentialing & onboarding

Once your application is approved, we’ll work with you on one-time telemedicine credentialing, a Webside Manner review, and clinical protocol education for the telehealth opportunities that interest you most.


Get to work!

Start providing care on your terms — work anywhere, anytime, on your schedule. With the best telehealth positions available nationwide, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Great clinicians wanted

We’re seeking clinicians from all 50 states who are passionate about providing quality patient care while gaining more flexibility in their careers. Wheel is bringing the future of work to healthcare by opening the door to the best telehealth job opportunities with meticulously vetted virtual care companies.

Clinician types


Are you an MD or DO interested in treating more patients through virtual care? We’d love to match you with our telemedicine partners.

Nurse Practitioners

Are you an NP looking for new ways to deliver patient care remotely? Let us connect you with the best possible opportunities.

Registered Nurses

Are you an RN seeking reliable, virtual work opportunities? Provide front-line telehealth and virtual triage from the comfort of home.

Physician Assistants

Are you a PA in search of telehealth opportunities? Wheel can help you find ways to deliver care through our network of virtual care partners.

Clinician specialties

Family medicine
Internal medicine
Emergency medicine
Women’s health
Sleep Medicine

Happier clinicians make healthier patients

As a clinician, your health and happiness is just as important as that of your patients — so you can show up ready to deliver great care. At Wheel, we live our mission daily: to change the way healthcare works by focusing on clinicians. That’s why we advocate fiercely for our clinical team, providing better practice standards, less bureaucracy, and more work opportunities.

Care for more patients from home

Design your clinical practice around your life, with diverse telemedicine opportunities for physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician assistants, and behavioral health specialists.

Telemedicine jobs that put you first

Engage with as many virtual care companies as you want. One schedule. One contract. One telemedicine credentialing effort.

A clinical partner you can trust

Work with meticulously selected virtual care partners vetted to the highest clinical, legal, and regulatory standards.

Your destination for virtual care opportunities

Wheel empowers clinicians to deliver the highest quality care, while helping virtual care companies serve more patients at scale. We are healthcare’s modern workforce solution, focused on giving clinicians the best possible experience.

Average Clinical Quality Score
Clinician Retention Rate

A better way to work in telehealth

Choose the simpler path to delivering great care to more patients.

(clinician identities have been anonymized to protect their privacy)


Your schedule is about to be yours again