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We understand that physician burnout is real, and that’s why our mission is to change the way healthcare works by focusing on clinicians. Join our team of virtual care physicians and find a better way to work.

How it works

Getting started in virtual care is easy at Wheel. We’ve built a destination for MDs and DOs to find more work-life balance while increasing opportunities to provide care to more patients. Here, you can work with less bureaucracy, more flexibility, and rest assured that we’ve always got your back.


Simple credentialing & onboarding

Once you’ve completed the application process, we’ll partner to complete one-time telemedicine credentialing, a Webside Manner review, and clinical protocol education for the telehealth opportunities that interest you.


Start matching

Based on your interests and experience, we'll start matching you with remote care opportunities with a variety of partners — providing everything from lab requisitions and reviews, remote patient monitoring, and virtual diagnosis and treatment.


Get to work!

Start providing care on your terms — work anywhere, anytime, on your schedule. With the best telehealth opportunities available nationwide, you’re in the driver’s seat.

A better way to work in telehealth as an MD or DO

A variety of care opportunities

With Wheel, we make it simple for you to work with as many virtual care companies as you want, giving you the diversity of conditions and treatment areas you would experience in a clinic setting.

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Work remotely on your schedule

Design your clinical practice around your life without over-committing to shifts that don’t meet your needs. You design the schedule that works for you.

Virtual care made simple

Avoid the hassle of juggling telehealth companies yourself. WIth Wheel, you have one schedule, one contract, and one credentialing process. You provide care, we do the rest.

Advocating for you

Welcome to the future of work

Clinicians have historically been treated like commodities, leading to increasing physician burnout. At Wheel, we believe there’s a better way. When you experience a better way to work, your well-being and balance improves, empowering you to deliver even better care to the patients who need you.

Protecting your interests

At Wheel, we’re fiercely dedicated to our mission of focusing on clinicians. We meticulously vet our virtual care company partners to ensure they perform at the highest legal, regulatory and clinical standards. Because your license and livelihood should always be protected.

Connect to innovative care providers

Wheel partners with a variety of companies who are paving the way forward in healthcare. Clinicians like you have the opportunity to work with multiple virtual care companies across diverse healthcare specialties.

Retail medicine
Labs & diagnostic partners
Primary & urgent care
Remote patient monitoring
Health plans
Direct-to-consumer pharmacies
Behavioral health organizations
Employee benefits platforms
Health systems & ACOs
Condition management solutions
Direct-to-consumer health navigation

What physicians are saying

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Can you work from home as a doctor?

Yes. Depending on the type of medicine, doctors with a valid medical license can provide health care remotely to patients using various telecommunication technologies. Many physicians practice full-time telemedicine or use a hybrid work model of both in-person and virtual care. More physicians than ever are incorporating remote work into their practice as it provides flexibility and convenience for both themselves and their patients.

Every state has different rules and regulations governing physician-patient encounters in telemedicine, but all typically require physicians to be licensed in the state where the patient is located. Outside of having a medical license and learning to use the telemedicine platforms and technologies relevant to a specific role, there is usually no other special training required to practice virtual care as an MD or DO.

What jobs can MDs and DOs do from home?

As an MD or DO, your medical career doesn’t have to be confined to a hospital or clinic. There are growing part-time and full-time work opportunities for doctors to leverage their medical degrees while working from home.

Telemedicine is the most common work-from-home profession for doctors, which often involves diagnosing and prescribing medication for common conditions that don’t require an in-person evaluation. However, MDs and DOs can also find greater work-life balance by performing remote jobs ranging from medical writing and research to healthcare consulting and medical education.

As healthcare technology and telemedicine continue to expand, companies and organizations across industries are in need of physicians to deliver remote care and lend their medical expertise.

How much can telehealth physicians earn?

The average annual compensation for telemedicine physicians is $192,454.

Many telehealth physicians are paid per visit rather than a yearly salary. In some cases, certain telehealth physicians are paid by the hour or by the number of secure messages they send to patients or other providers.

Depending on the physician’s specialty and qualifications, pay per visit can range from $23 to $28*. This typically applies to internal medicine, family practice, and pediatrics. Telemedicine visits generally take between 3 to 15 minutes.

Remote physicians being paid by the hour can expect rates to range from $15 to $50 or more per hour. This means physicians can make between $30,000 and $500,000 annually, depending on specialization and how many hours they work per week.

*Wheel internal data

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