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Powered by AI, Horizon™ is elevating the care experience

Wheel’s Horizon is the leading AI-driven virtual care platform designed to proactively use millions of recorded care interactions to help every patient better navigate their care journey.

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Transforming telehealth 1.0 to next-generation virtual care

The Horizon platform isn't just about accessibility — it's about empowerment.

Horizon moves beyond telehealth and easily connects patients to a national network of clinicians, services, and treatments while leveraging advanced AI technology to tailor referrals and recommendations based on a patient’s unique care needs and data, all within minutes.

Join us in transforming the future of healthcare delivery.

Horizon is your central hub for virtual care

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Configurable Care Programs

Horizon empowers enterprise organizations to start and scale virtual care services like never before. Its configurability ensures tailored solutions that meet each client's unique needs, making it easier than ever to deliver personalized and effective care.

Patient Engagement with Advanced AI

Horizon analyzes individual data and preferences collected through intake forms, labs, and clinical engagements to seamlessly navigate patients from an interaction regarding something like weight loss, to a diabetes care program that is tailored to them and their unique condition.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Services

Horizon integrates care programs, labs, and pharmacy services into a unified platform, simplifying the entire care journey. With robust API capabilities, Horizon connects to existing infrastructure and partner networks to ensure unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and highly personalized care.

Convenience, Accessibility, and Personalized Care

With its comprehensive suite of connected care services, innovative technology, and AI-enhanced configurability, Horizon offers unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and highly personalized care to patients.

Wheel Horizon virtual care services

Wheel’s Connected Care Programs seamlessly integrate virtual healthcare services, ensuring comprehensive, personalized care for every patient. Leveraging our national network of clinicians, advanced AI, and top-tier partners, including labs and pharmacies, our programs deliver targeted interventions and streamline the entire care journey. Whether addressing chronic conditions, acute needs, or preventive care, Horizon enhances patient engagement and outcomes, providing a truly connected healthcare experience.

Convenience Care

Flexible care for common health needs (flu, allergies, respiratory infections, etc.) plus medication management and refills. Offering live video and asynchronous messaging options for diverse patient populations.

Condition-Specific Care

From weight management with GLP-1 injectables to diabetes, menopause care, and specialist referrals, our condition-specific care programs are designed to empower patients and deliver positive outcomes.

Urgent Care

On-demand, 24-hour care for common, low-risk urgent health concerns for children aged 2-17 and adults across all 50 states. This program provides medical assessment, education, treatment/medication, and referrals as necessary.

Custom Care

Horizon supports custom digital therapeutics, at-home diagnostic services, healthcare device programs, and more with AI-powered algorithms to help tailor care for optimal health outcomes and patient journeys.

Why choose the AI-driven Horizon™ virtual care platform?

Enhanced consumer engagement
Unmatched configurability
Scalable & easy to use
Open ecosystem & integrations
Rigorous security & compliance
High-quality clinical infrastructure

The enterprise partner for virtual care

Horizon is changing the game in care delivery by using AI to give health plans, digital health solution providers, and life sciences companies a quick and easy way to expand their virtual care programs.

Life Sciences

Horizon helps reshape how pharmaceutical companies connect with and engage consumers. Our platform bridges the gap between patients and your brand, fostering direct and meaningful interactions that drive loyalty and enhance patient outcomes.

Retail Pharmacy

With Horizon, retailers can deliver comprehensive and consumer-centric virtual care solutions as an extension of their brand. Connect traditional pharmacy services with modern healthcare delivery and foster engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth with our innovative platform.

Health Plans

Health Plans are transforming member engagement with integrated and comprehensive virtual care experiences from Horizon. Our platform unlocks reduced costs and improved margins while delivering exceptional member experiences and positive outcomes.

Digital Health

Horizon delivers high-quality consumer-centric care that drives repeat visits and builds brand loyalty. Give your patients a frictionless care journey at every touchpoint with a brandable, white-label solution on a platform patients and clinicians love.

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