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The industry has been revolutionized overnight, and only the swiftest brands will rise to the top. If you’re ready to strengthen your value for consumers, it’s time to talk to Wheel.

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Optimize patient education through virtual care

Launching and expanding a nationwide virtual care service is expensive, complicated, and time-consuming — costing an average of $15MM in 15 months.1 Wheel is the all-in-one solution for fast, flexible growth.

1. Wheel internal data.

Seamlessly bringing together everything you need

Wheel is the best way to deliver your brand of high-quality virtual care at scale. Our unique, tech-enabled marketplace simplifies virtual care for companies — providing everything you need for nationwide care.

Diverse, nationwide clinical network

By tapping into Wheel's diverse clinician network, you can deliver a branded patient experience to patients across the country. We take care of the heavy lifting of NCQA credentialing, onboarding, and quality assurance to ensure your patients get the highest quality of care.

Best-in-class virtual care platform

Our white-labeled virtual care platform offers flexible configurations and is fully integrated with Wheel's clinical workforce. Leverage our intuitive patient and clinician platforms or simply select the technology modules you need.

Personalized patient care, on demand

Wheel's patented technology connects your patients with Wheel clinicians across more than a dozen attributes, ensuring your patients are matched with the best clinician for their care needs.

Integrated clinical & compliance solutions

Our technology is built to help you seamlessly navigate telehealth’s complex regulatory and legal environment. Integrated compliance solutions enable you to ensure compliant care by leveraging our state-by-state Friendly PCs, clinician malpractice coverage, and collaborative supervision management.

How it works

Building a virtual care offering has never been easier with Wheel.


Select your states & modalities

Share the state and volume coverage you need and we’ll train the right number of licensed clinicians on your brand of care, scaling to meet your needs as you grow.


Identify treatment areas

Based on the experience you want to deliver, we'll develop the right clinical protocols and workflows to ensure quality patient care is on point.


Integrate with Wheel

Select the option that's best for you. Access our clinician network with your existing platform via API, or leverage our clinician-integrated virtual care platform.


Launch within weeks

Get your brand of care to market fast — within weeks, not years. With our clinical workforce and telehealth technology at the ready, all you bring is your brand.

Get the competitive edge in telemedicine delivery

Why choose Wheel?

We seamlessly bring together everything you need to deliver your brand of virtual care, while driving down cost and time-to-market.

Rapidly go to market

Accelerate the launch of your telemedicine offering or rapidly expand your existing services. Wheel can help you start serving patients fast.

Flex with patient demands

Our network is designed to quickly flex up or down, from state to state, in real time — so you're always load-balanced and staffed precisely to your patient needs.

Drive down costs

Drive down overhead while meeting increased patient demand as you scale. Wheel provides accessible, quality virtual care in an affordable and hassle-free way. By optimizing the right clinician mix through a low-cost platform, clients save an average 38% in OPEX.

Partners, never competitors

We put our clients' brands front and center. While we won’t disclose our partners, the most innovative companies trust Wheel to power their virtual care.


The industry-leading network

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