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Adult child shows their parent an intake form on a tablet for a virtual care program

Powered by AI, Horizon™ is elevating the care experience

Wheel’s Horizon is the leading AI-driven virtual care platform designed to proactively use millions of recorded care interactions to help every patient better navigate their care journey.

Face it, Your Care Programs Aren't Working. It's Time to Look Towards the Horizon™

There is a gap between care programs and patient engagement, as some individuals with chronic conditions only seek care when severely affected. It's time for a new approach.

Wheel Launches Horizon™ Platform Powered by AI and Condition-Specific Care Programs

Horizon sets a new standard in care delivery by using AI to provide companies with an 'easy button' to instantly scale their new and existing virtual care programs across the U.S.

Telehealth's Last Breath: Embracing the New Era of Virtual Care

Despite remarkable medical and technological advances, many Americans still face significant barriers to accessing healthcare due to geographic, financial, and educational disparities.

Virtual Care Trends Revealed—Insights from 1 Million Patient Visits

Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Dr. Nworah Ayogu, CMO & GM at Amazon Clinic, and Dr. Greg McDavitt, Physician Executive at Wheel.

Seizing Virtual Opportunities to Enhance the Clinician Experience

How digital health companies can attract and retain a robust virtual clinician network.