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MedCity News at HLTH '22

CEO Michelle Davey Talks Virtual-First Care

Michelle talks to MedCity News at HLTH, the largest digital health conference in the country, about virtual-first care, infrastructure, and what makes good telehealth.

WTF Health at HLTH '22

CEO on GoodRx Acquisition and Telehealth Infrastructure

Michelle talks to WTF Health about Wheel’s acquisition of GoodRx's Care software and how it adds more infrastructure to telehealth tech.


Why Investors Are Still Betting On Health Tech

Emily Chang speaks with CRV General Partner Kristin Baker Spohn about health tech investing trends and why grit is an essential quality for founders and companies.

Business Insider

33 Healthcare and Biotech Startups to Watch in 2023

[Paywall] Wheel was featured in an exciting list of healthcare startups to watch in 2023. We're definitely watching.

HLTH '22

HLTH: 4 Founders Who Dared to Think Differently

Watch what HLTH called “Proof that the next generation of health leaders will leave an indelible mark with their sheer passion, grit and technological savviness.”

Wheel study

Study: 2023 Consumerization of Care

An independent study of more than 2,000 consumers examining how people view and use virtual care today.

Wheel + MedCity News report

The Future of Virtual-First Care

Challenges and trends in virtual-first care approaches and how healthcare stakeholders envision the future.

Wheel + Modern Healthcare report

Seizing Virtual Opportunities to Enhance the Clinician Experience

How digital health companies can attract and retain a robust virtual clinician network.

Wheel study

Study: The Great ReExamination

A survey of nearly 400 doctors and nurses examining the pandemic's challenging working conditions.

Healthcare IT News

Is Telemedicine an Answer to Physician Burnout and Staffing Shortages?

An interview with Wheel's Head of Clinical Operations on how clinicians are pivoting from virtual care skeptics to virtual care advocates.

Decoding Healthcare podcast

The Role of Virtual Providers in the Telehealth Ecosystem

Listen to Wheel CEO, Michelle Davey, discuss virtual-first care models, the future of clinician work, and more.

MedCity News

Why Empathy Fatigue Is the Worst Threat to Patient Care Today

An op-ed by Pooja Aysola, MD, MBA, and Wheel's Head of Clinical Operations on how to address empathy fatigue with clinicians.

Modern Healthcare webinar

Virtual Care and the Clinician Workforce

This webinar explores specific tactics to help digital health companies attract and retain a clinician workforce in a virtual setting.