9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry

best telemedicine newsletters

In an industry that can feel isolating, it’s important to keep connected. Subscribe to these telemedicine newsletters to stay informed on news, policy, and technological changes that can impact your work in telehealth.

Working in telemedicine can leave you feeling disconnected from others. While the field helps bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals in a way that was not previously possible, it can have the opposite effect on remote workers.

If you work from home, you might not feel as tapped-in to the world around you compared to working in a clinic or hospital. When are you going to have those water cooler moments where you hear about the latest news and policy changes (err… gossip) from others?

Luckily, there are a few quality telemedicine news sources that can connect you with the content that matters the most to your daily practice. Whether you’re interested in learning more about state-by-state policies, the latest on healthcare cybersecurity, or how to attain financial independence working in this alternate career path, these telemedicine newsletters can keep you wired in.

For Changes in Telehealth Policy

1. Center for Connected Health Policy

If you’re looking for a resource from an organization working to advance policies that make telemedicine possible in the first place, The Center for Connected Health Policy newsletter is a must-read. The organization is dedicated to educating healthcare providers about current telemedicine laws and updates its subscribers as changes occur. Recent topics include North Dakota’s legislation recognizing live video conferencing and store and forward technology as legitimate ways to establish a valid patient-doctor relationship, and Visiting Nurse Associations (VNA)’s work in using telemedicine to improve home healthcare experiences.

2. CTeL

The Center for Telehealth and eHealth Law (CTeL) sends out a weekly telemedicine newsletter with both trends in the industry and their legal implications. The organization was started by Bob Waters, a vocal advocate in the telehealth community. Waters used his legislative knowledge to help people working in telemedicine dismantle barriers in the way of providing e-health services and advancing their practice. Recent topics include the importance of telehealth in rural areas, telehealth reimbursement in Florida, and the hurdles to overcome before implementing remote care in psychiatric practice.

For Broad Digital Health and Telehealth News

3. mHealth Intelligence

mHealth Intelligence is another valuable resource for telehealth news. Published by Xtelligent Healthcare Media, the company exclusively publishes content about telemedicine, mobile health, connected health, and remote patient monitoring. A robust read each week, a recent newsletter covered Massachusetts’ changing Medicaid telehealth standards, linked to a webcast about telemedicine and primary care, and addressed potential barriers to user adoption in mobile health care among other topics.

4. Connected Health Pulse

Connected Health Pulse aggregates telehealth industry insights from a variety of credible web publishers and combines the top articles into a daily or weekly email recap. The site and news subscription offer an easy way to follow what’s trending without subscribing to multiple publications and you can set the mailing frequency. Telehealth topics include telemedicine, remote care, connected health, mHealth, health technology, healthcare innovation, and more.

For Understanding Telemedicine Technology

5. Healthcare IT News

While telehealth policy and telemedicine innovation are important to stay current on, managing your practice online brings several other considerations that aren’t as present in face-to-face interactions - namely, security and privacy of online information. Brought to you by HIMSS, the Healthcare IT News site and email newsletter covers security and privacy, EHR integration, AI, telehealth, and more. The site offers daily and weekly news updates, as well as less frequent mailings about funding allocated to advancing healthcare IT, and stories about women who work at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Current highlights from the site include WHO’s new Department of Digital Health and considerations for mobile data security in remote patient care.

6. mobiHealth News

mobiHealth News covers global digital health news in several forms, including health information (or misinformation) spread on social media, health websites and apps, and cybersecurity. Wherever healthcare meets technology, you’re likely to find the stories covered on mobiHealth News. Their digital health email is delivered daily, so you’ll never miss out on the top stories. Interesting recent posts include a program to provide Doctor Anywhere services for ride-hailing drivers in Indonesia, a look back at 10 years of digital health, and recent telehealth company successes, acquisitions, and business news.

7. Healthcare Innovation Group

Healthcare Innovation’s mission is right in its name. The website features content about population health, healthcare policy, cybersecurity, clinical IT, imaging, and more topics related to the future of healthcare. Recent highlights include how telehealth can slow transfers from nursing home to ED and AI's potential impacts on healthcare. If your interests steer more towards the technological, this is a great resource for you. Subscribe on the website for daily email updates.

For Managing Your Telemedicine Career and Finances

8. Physician on FIRE

FIRE stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early,” and it’s what all of Physician on FIRE’s content is about. While the focus is more generally on personal finance, the site recognizes telemedicine as an alternative to the traditional healthcare career path and a viable means for supplemental income. Switching careers and taking steps towards financial independence can get you that much closer to your goal of doing what you love without suffering burnout. Subscribing to the newsletter not only gets you notified on new posts to the website and quarterly blog progress updates, but you will also be sent spreadsheets that can help you calculate your financial independence progress.

9. Wheel Health

We couldn’t write a list like this without mentioning our own telemedicine blog, with weekly articles on telemedicine careers and digital health and telemedicine news for telehealth clinicians. Bookmark our clinician blog and keep up to date with Wheel, telehealth best practices, and telemedicine essentials for healthcare professionals.

Managing your telemedicine career doesn’t have to be a one-person show. Connect with others in the industry, right through your inbox, every week, and you’ll be better prepared for news, policy, and innovation that can positively impact your practice.

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