A Call-to-Arms for Clinicians in the Face of COVID-19

In a recent video, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rafid Fadul, has delivered a message for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and PAs across the nation:

Now is the time to get involved in virtual care. Get started here.

As Dr. Fadul so fervently shares on YouTube, clinicians like himself enter the profession of medicine to serve others selflessly-- and now is the time your service is needed most. Especially if you find yourself not able to practice in person, telehealth is the opportunity to serve in an entirely meaningful, and much needed capacity.

"Come see how you can be at the forefront of the effort to contain the COVID-19 virus and help the nation as a whole," Dr. Fadul.

With the recent declaration of National Disaster in the U.S., the country needs clinicians everywhere to step up and rise to the call for telemedicine-administered care and education. The our brick-and-mortar healthcare system is not equipped to manage the capacity of surge expected in the coming days and weeks, and given the need to for people to self-quarantine and avoid risk of coronavirus infection, telehealth is uniquely poised to be the preferred modality for clinical services.

But telehealth can only serve in it's optimal capacity when it's powered by physicians, NPs and PAs who are trained in remote care best practice in combination with COVID-19 protocols.

Wheel is requesting clinicians across the nation to apply for service through www.wheel.com. We need you. We are experts in telehealth training of clinicians, and have developed CDC-guided protocols for the following which we can rapidly train for: education, screening, triage and care navigation. A recent interview in Protocol with Dr. Fadul goes more in depth on our role during this time of crisis.

It's time to get involved immediately. Start here.