Announcing Wheel’s Series B to Provide Clinicians with the Best Place to Work in Virtual Care

Wheel recently raised $50 million in funding to provide clinicians greater work opportunities, training, education, and support.

When we first founded Wheel, we had big ideas and even bigger ambitions about how to revolutionize the way we access healthcare. We knew the promises of virtual care couldn’t be met without a strong commitment to taking care of those who take care of us. That’s why we’ve built our business around making Wheel the best place to work in virtual care.

Today I’m excited to share we've taken a giant step towards changing the way healthcare works. We’ve raised $50 million in a Series B funding round led by Lightspeed Ventures.

Building the best place to work in virtual care

Whether you’re a clinician with an established virtual care practice or you’re just getting started, we provide clinicians with everything they need to provide care to patients virtually.

That includes a wide variety of highly-vetted work opportunities, technology built with the clinician experience front and center, a single platform to manage your credentialing and schedule, and the training you need to deliver high-quality virtual care.

Here’s how we plan to leverage our latest investment:

Greater breadth of virtual care opportunities. With this investment, we’ll begin to expand into new service lines to reach new patient populations and treatment areas. For clinicians, this means more diverse, high-quality work opportunities.

Investing in training and clinical education.
We’re rolling out new programs to support clinicians through licensing and credentialing, as well as extensive educational resources.

Simple and seamless workflows.
We’re introducing new and improved clinician features every month. We'll continue investing in the product experience for clinicians to make it as easy as possible to provide care to your patients.

Stronger clinician support.
The Wheel team has more than quadrupled since we raised our Series A funding, and we aren’t done growing yet! We’ll continue to expand the team so we can provide clinicians with the best-in-class support they deserve.

Going further together

We know clinicians are too often left out of the conversation, especially as we develop innovative ways to expand access to care. So we’re establishing a new way to work with autonomy and freedom. Where technology does the heavy lifting, so you can spend more of your time with patients and less time with paperwork. And where all clinicians have the opportunity to provide for their family while also having the flexibility to spend time with their family.

Thousands of clinicians are already realizing the benefits of working with Wheel. We’re seeking clinicians like you to help move healthcare forward. Learn more about working in virtual care with Wheel.