Best Telehealth Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals

best telehealth podcasts

Want to add some telemedicine content to your podcast queue? We’ve compiled a list of the top healthcare podcasts that cover telehealth and the best telemedicine episodes from popular and more obscure podcasts.

With podcasts, you can stay up to date with telemedicine technology, the business of virtual care, telehealth success stories, telemedicine news, and telehealth policy developments while on the go, working out, traveling, or cleaning house. With such a niche topic, it’s hard to find quality programs covering the latest, so we’ve rounded up a list of the best telehealth-specific podcasts as well as the best telemedicine podcast episodes from across the web. Check them out and add them to your favorite podcast player for your next listening session.

Best Telehealth Podcast Series

Conversations on Healthcare on Healthcare is a show from WESU 88.1 and Wesleyan University about reform and innovation in the health care system. New episodes air every Wednesday covering healthcare headlines and featuring an interview or story on the delivery of healthcare from experts around the globe. (Pro tip: If you’re listening to an older episode, skip forward past the first five minutes of outdated news to get to the interviews.) Start listening with this episode featuring Peter Yellowlees, former president of the American Telemedicine Association, discussing the impact of telehealth on access to care.

My Telehealth Podcast’s South Carolina Public Radio and the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance hosts short but powerful episodes on important telemedicine topics. Although most episodes are focused on telehealth and virtual care in South Carolina, their challenges and success stories offer lessons that can be applied to telehealth programs across the nation. Segments are only four minutes long, so download a bunch before your next workout or commute and listen-in on what’s making telehealth news in the southeast.

Shots - Health News aggregates interesting telemedicine stories from across the nation in their Shots telemedicine news roundup. Some stories have podcast segment downloads and some are in article-format only. The latest episodes include a segment from Morning Edition about how home health visits are keeping people out of the ER and an All Things Considered piece on the challenges in using telemedicine to fight opioid addiction. Keep this page bookmarked and check back periodically to read and download new stories.

Telehealth Talk Telehealth Resource Center produced this program featuring various telehealth professionals discussing topics related to the world of connected health. Notable episodes include “Concussion” with Dr. R J Elbin talking about the potential to use telemedicine to aid sports injuries and an episode covering the business model for telemedicine and getting buy-in for telemedicine programs.

Telehealth20 podcast by Rob Vining, a physical therapist and technology entrepreneur, Telehealth20 episodes feature interviews with healthcare technology founders. Check out the latest episode featuring an interview with Health Tap co-founder Sean Mehra discussing how patients are using technology for healthcare today.

Creating a New Healthcare as a podcast for primary care providers and healthcare leaders looking for fresh perspectives in value-based care, Creating a New Healthcare covers broad healthcare issues with an angle towards modern delivery methods. Hosted by renowned physician Zeev Neuwirth, topics include virtual care, on-demand care, digital health, and wearable diagnostics, as well as other modern primary care challenges. Start listening with Neuwirth’s end-of-2018 episode reflecting on the year and discussing emerging trends in healthcare.

Specific Podcast Episodes on Telehealth and Telemedicine

Many healthcare podcasts cover specific telehealth topics periodically. Check out some of the more recent and notable episodes below.

Telemedicine Basics

Future of Telehealth

Telehealth Law and Business

Telemedicine Specialties and Applications

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