COVID-19: Preparing Clinicians to Take Telehealth Mainstream

COVID-19 has finally brought telemedicine into the spotlight. In her latest Medium post, our co-founder, Michelle Davey, discusses how now is the time to prepare clinicians for the coronavirus response and expose telehealth’s true potential.

Despite its great promise, telemedicine adoption in this country has been UNDER-whelming: undervalued, underutilized, and underestimated. But with coronavirus sweeping the globe, everyone from mainstream media outlets to the CDC is talking about how telemedicine can and should act as a critical component of the integrated care response.

But there’s a catch.

In a new post on Medium, our CEO Michelle Davey discusses how telehealth and those at the helm of telemedicine care companies can take advantage of telehealth’s sudden spotlight for the greater good. But this only works with proper virtual care training.

There’s been a swell of conversation pointing toward this golden opportunity for telehealth platforms to rush to the aid of the nation. But telemedicine only works if it’s powered by trained and prepared clinicians participating behind the digital curtain. The focus: mobilizing a team of remote-and-ready clinicians who are as prepared as possible.

Now is the time to expose the potential of telehealth and our system’s greatest healthcare asset—our clinicians. Read the full article on Medium.

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