Enzyme Health at SXSW 2018 - the Tipping Point for a Workplace Revolution

telehealth 2018 sxsw austin

SXSW annual conference is well known for redirecting the future of business innovation.

This year, the sprawling 12 days conference tackled many major issues including AI, cybersecurity, healthcare, sexual harassment, blockchain, and social media's growing ethical responsibilities.

Another issue reaching a tipping point this year is redefining the workplace. How, when and where employees work has evolved drastically over the last few years.

Enzyme Health's (now Wheel) own CEO Michelle Davey spoke about [redefining the workplace and addressing the needs of the modern employee on SXSW panels this week.

The next generation of workers are demanding work-life options. Companies of all sizes from startups to large companies must evolve or be left behind.

But, What about Healthcare?

Today, the remote flexibility enjoyed by many in the tech sector is spreading across every business sector and finally reaching the healthcare industry.

"Everyone is talking about "innovating healthcare" but there aren't many focused on the people who make the system work - the advanced clinicians. That's where we think we can make a difference, so we are hyper-focused on that," Enzyme Health's (now Wheel) CEO said.

Flexible work options are no longer just a luxury for a handful of jobs. They are a necessity for people in careers aspiring to "want to have it all" - a successful career, social life, and even family. The revolution is upon us, and long overdue for medical professionals.

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