How to Make Extra Money as a Nurse Practitioner

Are you looking for side gigs to make some extra money and supplement your income as a nurse practitioner? Check out some of the best opportunities to start earning more today.

Did you know the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for nurse practitioners to grow 52% from 2019 to 2029? With greater work opportunities on the rise for nurse practitioners, now’s the time for you to use your advanced degree and clinical knowledge to make extra money.

Whether you want a new full-time job or a side hustle to supplement your income, you owe it to yourself to explore all the healthcare employers that require your expertise. Traditional NP roles are in high demand, but there are also lesser known pursuits that will earn you extra cash, broaden your already stellar skill set, and put you in the position to flex other creative strengths. Consider some of the many types of work that nurse practitioners can readily pursue to earn more money.


Some nurse practitioners work in clinics, hospitals, schools, and other settings. Many others provide care virtually from home. Telehealth is a great option for nurse practitioners who want more flexibility and control over their schedule. With virtual care, you can work part-time to supplement the income from your in-person practice or work-full time and have the freedom to work from anywhere.

You usually need a computer, web camera, high-speed internet, telephone, and the ability to connect with media over the internet to do this type of work. Some telehealth companies work with their clinicians to provide this equipment, too.

Check with your state licensing board to make sure you’re working within the guidelines of your credentials and then find the telehealth job that's right for you for NPs available today.

Blogging and healthcare writing

When it comes to freelance writing, you can look to nursing schools, healthcare associations, medical centers, caregiver groups, and medical centers as potential publishers. These are just some of the many organizations that publish digital and physical feature stories, news bulletins, blogs, and patient education pamphlets.

Consider the newsletters, glossy magazines, and online sites of just about any healthcare or healthcare adjacent organization and you’ll see many employers need the clinical expertise of NPs. If you’re a strong writer and willing to take direction, the opportunities are almost endless. Also, despite what you may read elsewhere, you don’t need special credentials beyond what you already know to be a health writer or blogger.

Health coach

Clients with chronic conditions and those who want to improve their overall health often recruit nurse practitioners as health coaches. Health coaches work for different healthcare facilities, but they can also be independent contractors.

In this role, you’ll discuss and plan healthcare goals, safety strategies, and behavioral changes with patients. Make sure to check your state’s licensure requirements before you begin.

First aid course instructor

The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association are just two organizations seeking healthcare professionals to teach first aid and CPR. Nurse practitioners should be fully qualified but check with the organizations to see if you need any other credentials or certifications to work with them. You can also teach such courses on your own, but check with your state and legal counsel first to make sure you don’t open yourself to liability issues.

Administer immunizations

Now that more people are aware of the need for flu shots and other immunizations, there are a wealth of opportunities to administer immunization doses at clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. These people assess the patient, review pertinent medical records and vital measurements, and administer the vaccines or medications. Of course, flu season is the most in-demand time for this role.

Medical transcriptionist

Just about anyone who types quickly and accurately can review and transcribe dictated reports, but it takes particular expertise and training to transcribe for the medical field. People in this role need a solid understanding of medical terminology and healthcare protocols to take audio reports and accurately turn them into text.

Various technologies can convert voice to text, but they typically aren’t sophisticated enough to handle complex medical reports. Technology does allow you to access dictated reports from almost anywhere, which means you can transcribe and send them while working from home.

Part-time in-home care jobs

As Baby Boomers age, the demand for in-home health care professionals continues to grow. Home health care NPs typically assess, diagnose, and treat chronically ill patients while maintaining close communication with caregivers. Leading Age and Visiting Nurse Association of America provides detailed information about money-making opportunities.

Medical coding

You’re likely aware that when healthcare is provided, the reports are sent to medical coders who match them with the insurance billing and government standards of care. These professionals generally work in a department called medical records. Although you’ll need special training and credentialing for this type of work, your clinical background and education will give you a significant head start. The American Medical Billing Association provides details on this side job.

Per diem shifts

When you enroll for per diem shifts and hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and other healthcare settings, you should expect a great demand for your talents. The best part of per diem shifts, like freelance, is that the employer understands that you only work when the timing is convenient for you.

Bottom line

You worked hard to gain the medical expertise to become a nurse practitioner. Now is the time to explore the many side-job opportunities you qualify for due to your advanced education, training, and experience. Whether you want to offer direct patient care at a healthcare facility or work from home, there’s never been a better time than now.

Adjacent health fields are also opportunities for NPs to earn extra income. Telehealth is likely one of the most popular side hustles for nurse practitioners. It is a growing field and that means some physicians who work in telehealth earn top salaries.

With demand for NPs on the rise, you’re wise to consider some of the many ways to make your education, training, and experience work for you to make extra money.

Nurse practitioner opportunities in telehealth

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