Hurricane Florence + Telehealth Brings Out The Best in the Medical Community

hurricane florence and telehealth

As Hurricane Florence barrels toward the east coast, it has the potential to leave a devastating path of storm surge damage and flooding in its wake over the weekend. In response, hundreds of doctors and healthcare professionals are reaching out to Enzyme Health (now Wheel) and our clients to see how they can help those impacted. Many telehealth organizations, including Doctor on Demand and MDLIVE, are gathering resources to help affected communities, offering free access to their services for those who may not be able to access local healthcare providers during and after the storm.

Doctor on Demand Enzyme

Medical Professionals Looking to Give Back

Healthcare professionals have signed up with Enzyme Health (now Wheel) in record numbers the last 48 hours. Last year's devastating hurricane season of Harvey and Irma inflicted massive damage to the U.S. But those disasters also highlighted the selfless spirit of medical professionals, and how that selfless spirit matched with great technology can deliver life-saving care when fellow Americans need it most. Telemedicine providers made a huge impact by providing urgent care and mental health to patients in need and stranded by the hurricanes.

Every year technology is enabling telemedicine to reach more and more patients. Natural disasters have proved to be a rallying cry for medical professionals to join the telehealth movement.

Our Clients Offering Support

Doctor on Demand offers a special link for those in affected areas to download its app and enter the code FLORENCE2018 at the prompt. In addition, MDLIVE, other telehealth providers, health insurance companies, and even local hospital systems may be providing free or discounted services for those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

If you are a doctor or nurse looking to volunteer your time and effort, sign up today with Wheel to start your telehealth career. And prepare to deliver services with one of our great telemedicine clients when the next disaster hits the U.S.

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