Multi-State Medical Licensing for Physicians in 2020 [Webinar]

Understanding multi-state medical licensure is essential to get started in telemedicine. Watch this hour-long, on-demand webinar for physicians to get your telemedicine licensing questions answered and get moving in telehealth.

Getting licensed to practice telemedicine in multiple states can open up a host of opportunities in what’s sure to be the next wave of modern healthcare.

But getting started in telemedicine—particularly obtaining medical licensure in multiple states— can oftentimes feel like a black box. How do you get started? What does it cost? What are the risks and benefits?

To dig into the world of medical licensure, Wheel Executive Medical Director, Rafid Fadul, moderated an insightful panel covering the basics of multi-state medical licensing. The interactive discussion featured candid answers from two seasoned telemedicine physicians who have been through the cumbersome licensing process, plus the founder of a medical licensing service that manages and expedites state licensing for physicians.

In just under an hour, you can get answers, get motivated, and get started in telehealth.

Free and on demand. Access the multi-state medical licensing webinar here >

Watch the telemedicine licensing webinar to learn:

  • What is the ideal number of medical licenses to get?
  • What are the best and easiest states to get licensed in?
  • Why can smaller states be just as important for licensing as the big ones?
  • How do you make yourself more marketable/make the most money in telemedicine?
  • How much does licensure cost and how soon can you recoup those costs?
  • What’s the best way to manage renewals?
  • What are the major cons to getting multiple licenses?
  • How has COVID-19 affected licensure?
  • How and where should you get started?
  • What does state of principal licensure mean and are there any ways around it?
  • How does the IMLCC work and is it worth it?

Whether you are using telemedicine as a side hustle, burnt out and searching for alternative clinical career opportunities, or are hoping to ride and lead the wave of modern healthcare, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of multi-state medical licensure to get started.

“I tell any of my colleagues or friends who inquire about telemedicine that it’s an investment and to just get licensed. As telemedicine continues to grow, if you want to be in on this wave of innovation and where medicine is going, you have to start now.”
- Jonathan Larson, MD, MBA, actively licensed in 50 states plus D.C. and Guam
“Getting my licenses has been an investment, but a profitable investment. It’s made my life easier and allowed me to transition from a clinical practice that I was struggling with to a completely virtual practice where I choose my own hours and choose my own jobs.”
- Chet Tharpe, MD, actively licensed in 36 states

Access the free, previously recorded telemedicine medical licensure webinar here >