Profiles in Telehealth: An NP Shares Why Joining Wheel Has Been Her Best Career Decision

Family nurse practitioner, Jessica, V., tells us about her journey to Wheel and why telehealth is a win-win for both her family and patients.

What’s your background? What did you do before practicing telemedicine?

I have been practicing as a family nurse practitioner since 2014. Prior to this, I worked as a bedside nurse for five years in a pediatric intensive care unit. My experience as a nurse practitioner has primarily been in the urgent care setting and I began practicing telemedicine with Wheel in 2019.

What’s your life like outside of work?

My husband, Michael, and I live in East Lyme, CT with our two kids (ages 3y and 18mo) and our dog, Nova. I love gardening, spending time outdoors, and trying out new recipes.

We love to travel and over the last several years have visited Italy, Greece, as well as multiple cities throughout the U.S. We are planning a trip to Portugal 2022!

What brought you to telemedicine?

I was interested in telemedicine for several years before finding Wheel and jumping right in! I consider myself lucky to have Wheel on my side because it allows me to spend less time finding and vetting new clients and more time focusing on patients.

I love that telemedicine allows me to care for people of varying backgrounds and from all different areas of the country, while affording me greater flexibility for my family.

Joining Wheel is by far the best career decision I've made as a nurse practitioner.

What’s your Wheel Moment of Freedom?

My client base with Wheel has grown so much over the last two years that I've recently realized making telemedicine a full-time career is a possibility for me!

Leaving the typical office position behind for full-time telemedicine will give me complete control over my work schedule and the flexibility to have more time with my family. Having the ability to be home for dinner with my kids every night while also being able to continue meeting the needs of my patients is a win-win for everyone.

What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

I'm really excited about what the future holds for telemedicine. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven how important telemedicine is in providing access to care.

Over the last year, when many in-person medical offices were closed due to Covid, patients realized they could access the same high-quality care from the comfort of their own homes. Telemedicine offers convenience to both clinicians and patients, and I think it is a field that will only continue to grow in the future.

Thanks, Jessica, for being an essential member of the #WheelCareTeam!

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