Profiles in Telehealth: Dale Ellicott - Enterprise Sales Executive

Get to know Wheel Enterprise Sales Executive - Dale Ellicott!

What’s your role at Wheel?

I'm an Enterprise Sales Executive at Wheel.The very complex, highly regulated, and quickly developing telemedicine space makes the sales roles at Wheel very unique.

It's not a numbers game where you can create a matrix based on the volume of calls, regurgitate a script, and find success. Our roles require us to be very inquisitive with both client inquiries (to assess the wants and differentiate them from the needs) and work to align the opportunity with multi-channel internal resources (clinical, supply, legal, and technical).

We must understand the most current trends, solutions, and clinical and regulatory standards for delivering high-quality care, so we can guide potential clients to the best solutions to ensure our partnership is a success.

In this complex and competitive environment, just selling will not help to change how healthcare is delivered. We must think differently, be more conscientious of the partnerships we create, and ensure that we are seeking/developing partnership opportunities that excite clinicians and improve access to efficient and purposeful healthcare.

This concept supports one of our founding principles, "happier clinicians make healthier patients," so we must consider partnership opportunities from the perspective of the clinician and their experience as well. Presenting clinicians with opportunities that energize them to provide the highest quality care possible, while working in an environment that removes barriers to access for patients, is a step in the right direction toward changing the broken healthcare system. This is why it's exciting to be part of the amazing team at Wheel. Wheels up, y'all!

What’s your background? What did you do before working with Wheel?

Contrary to some Wheelies' opinions that Central Jersey may not actually exist, that is where I grew up — competing, playing any sport where we could get enough kids to have a game, and hanging out on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore (nothing like the TV show).

I attended Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, where I earned a B.S. in Sports Medicine. From there, I was awarded a Graduate Assistantship at Vanderbilt University, where I earned an M.Ed. in Health Promotion and Education.

In my first career, I directed sports medicine programs for several colleges and universities. I wrapped up that career with the Philadelphia Phillies, managing six minor league locations in the U.S. and camps in Venezuela and the Dominican.

From there, I moved to the business side and held roles in sales and business development selling neuro-rehab devices as a regional director for business development for over 13 skilled-nursing facilities, then for an in-patient rehab hospital. I realized that no matter how well our teams did restoring function during rehab, patients continued to bounce back to the emergency room, so I started exploring RPM and CCM programs.

In that exploration, I found telemedicine was a key feature that could provide patients the support they needed in their recovery journey.

I have been working and learning in the telemedicine space for the last eight years in various sales and business development roles (valuation firm, medical devices.) I love that I'm challenged to use all of my career experiences at Wheel to help change the way care is delivered.

Why did you join the Wheel team?

With my previous company, Wheel was on my prospecting list. I had a long-standing relationship with Foley & Lardner and was introduced to the Wheel product team.

After several conversations with Wheel, I realized they were doing something different. Erin Kim, a recruiter at Wheel, contacted me a few weeks later regarding an enterprise sales executive role, and I decided to join the team.

The exciting part of being on the front line in a client-facing role is that we have the opportunity to guide innovators in healthcare to solutions that are truly changing the way healthcare is accessed and delivered.

There are surprises every day and having the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Wheel and the rapidly evolving telemedicine industry is like none other that I have experienced.

What’s your favorite Wheel moment?

It's hard to pick a favorite moment at Wheel because it's the journey and culmination of experiences that make it special.

From guiding start-ups through the maze of telemedicine, to helping break through barriers that have bottlenecked the traditional healthcare journey, to collaborating with colleagues to create solutions, Wheel continues to provide me with rewarding opportunities.

The teamwork, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit of the entire organization working to change healthcare is what makes being a Wheelie rewarding.

What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

It is unusual to be in a position to truly impact a developing industry. With Wheel at It's unusual to be in a position to truly impact a developing industry. With Wheel at the forefront of the telemedicine industry, we can influence and improve the lives of clinicians and the healthcare journey of patients.

The partnerships we are creating are decreasing costs and improving access and the efficiency of care. Creating more options for patients to select a care model that meets their individual needs, with a blend of traditional and virtual resources, will be key to improving healthcare for future generations.

Thanks, Dale, for all your hard work with The Wheel Team! We appreciate everything you do.

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