Telehealth News Recap - May 2021

It can be tough to catch up and keep up with the latest news, trends, interviews, and insights in the virtual care space. That’s why we’re here to do the work for you with our monthly telehealth news recap.

This month we explore growing interest and investment in the women’s digital health space, the perspective of a foreign-trained doctor in the US, takeaways from Biden’s latest address to Congress, and a handful of companies that are determined to fix the ill-fated EHR.

Trends & Insights

35% of Patients Would Consider Leaving Their Primary Provider for Telehealth Visits

The healthcare industry has been rapidly digitalizing its services since the start of the pandemic. As more in-person provider appointments become available, many patients would still prefer a telehealth visit, according to a recent study by The Harris Poll.

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Women’s Digital Health Startups Reap Record VC Funding on Covid Surge

Once considered too niche or risky by the venture capital community, women’s health startups have seen a surge in investments as the Covid-19 pandemic pushed more services online.

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Engaging & Insightful Perspectives

Foreign-Trained Doctors Like Me Were Asked to Help Fight COVID-19. Now We’re Being Tossed Aside

American laws make it difficult for foreign physicians to apply for licenses to practice medicine. In April 2020, as Covid-19 was surging across the U.S., Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, issued an executive order that gave some foreign-trained health care workers temporary licenses, which made it possible for them to help fight Covid-19.

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Do Not Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste: Health Care’s Path Forward with Virtual Care

The adoption of new technologies, the testing of new business models, and the opportunity to accelerate a move to value-based care run the risk of sputtering if regulators and entrenched incumbents push to dial these learnings back to pre-pandemic norms.

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Policy & Regulatory Updates

Biden’s First 100 Days for Healthcare: What Was Accomplished and What’s Ahead

Voter feelings are mixed about this administration: it gets high marks for handling the pandemic and racism but lower marks on other issues including immigration and the economy. Here’s a recap of healthcare system related achievements to date and those to come in the second 100 days.

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Here Are 3 Major Healthcare Proposals Biden Outlined in His First Joint Address

President Biden’s first joint address before Congress featured an ambitious agenda that includes several healthcare items including lowering drug prices and further boosting the Affordable Care Act. It remains unclear what chances these proposals could get through Congress as Democrats control a narrow majority in the House and Senate.

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Growth & Innovation

The Future of Healthcare: Virtual-First

A confluence of macro trends has resulted in the moment for healthcare to finally change — and massive opportunities for innovators. Over the next decade, power in healthcare will shift from health systems to payers and consumers and unicorns will be created in a new layer of healthcare referred to as the virtual-first ecosystem.

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5 Startups Seizing the Moment to Shake up the Electronic Health Record Industry

The road to shake up the health record industry is littered with failures. But a new group of startups are giving it another go — and there are reasons to believe companies may find success where others fell short.

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