20 Useful Gift Ideas for Telemedicine Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

useful gifts for telemedicine doctors

Looking for the best gifts for telehealth providers who work from home? There are plenty of gift options to make a remote workers’ day a little brighter, more productive, and more comfortable. Heck, most of these home office gift ideas are great for anyone. Check them out and see if you can’t resist adding something to your own Amazon shopping cart.

gifts for telemedicine providers

Home Office Decor Gifts

  1. A houseplant with ceramic pot. Brighten up the workspace with some greenery. The Sill delivers live potted plants and even offers a plant subscription plan - office air has never been fresher!

  2. A Himalayan salt lamp. Give the gift of zen with a new age lamp.

  3. Wall art. Art is personal. Avoid choosing the wrong thing and pick up a gift certificate to an online art shop or register for a subscription art service with something for everyone.

  4. Aromatherapy diffuser. Care providers need to care for themselves too. Tap into the seemingly endless health and wellness benefits of a humidifying aromatherapy mister and a set of essential oils.

Productivity Gifts

  1. A lap desk. Let’s be honest. It might not be best practice, but telecommuters are likely to take a call or two from the couch now and then. A lap desk helps raise the camera to an appropriate height and avoid the unflattering double chin angle. (Bonus! Many of these can also double as a breakfast in bed tray.)

  2. A fancy notebook. It’s better to take notes on paper during video telehealth calls than loudly tap on the keyboard. Set your loved one up with a luxe notepad they wouldn’t typically purchase for themselves.

  3. A nice set of pens. Ever steal a waiter’s pen from a restaurant while signing the check? Give someone that feeling every day with a delightful set of writing utensils.

  4. A tablet. Tablets can be used to take notes during video calls or for conducting quick research. Telemedicine providers can even use them instead of a laptop or desktop to take video calls on the go. Pick one up on any budget - you can find a tablet at more expensive and more affordable price points.

  5. Quality headphones. Ditch the free conference swag and pick up a nice set of wireless earbuds.

  6. A keyboard skin. Not the sexiest gift, but if you’re buying for a clumsier friend, this keyboard cover could save from the dreaded coffee on computer mishap.

  7. A mobile hotspot. Remote workers can be adventure nomads. Keep them connected from the sea to the slopes with a portable wifi device.

  8. A standing desk. This one’s more of an investment, but for physicians who are used to being on their feet all day, a standing desk can help them feel (slightly) more than sedentary.

Comfort Gifts

  1. Ergonomic footstool. Improved circulation, less back pain, and better posture are just around the corner, er… under the desk, with this footstool. (Also, foot hammocks are a thing.)

  2. Luxe slippers. Who needs shoes when you work from home? Give their feet some love with a cushy pair of slippers.

  3. A heated blanket. Video calls only require a professional image from the waist up. Might as well wrap up in an electric blanket under the desk.

  4. Exercise ball chair. Bridging the gap between comfort and get-up-off-your-$#!?&* is a chair that doubles as workout equipment. Genius.

Other Telehealth Gifts

  1. Good coffee. No more bad office coffee when you can make working from home feel like a craft coffee shop. Give a subscription to some good quality jo and amp up their hipster coffee-cred.

  2. A cleaning service. Who wants to clean up your own office? Help keep a spic and span workspace with a gift certificate for some household help.

  3. A TSA-friendly laptop bag. Know a traveling physician? Give them something that takes them from home office to home away from home without (too much) security hassle. Here’s one for the adventure traveler and a more streamlined briefcase.

  4. Travel inspo. Get them planning their next adventure with a subscription to a wanderlust inspiring travel mag.

Have a better gift idea for telemedicine providers? If you or your loved one works in telehealth, we’d love to hear it. Share it with our community and we might add it to the list!