Clinician Burnout in 2021 - Wheel Survey Results

We hear from clinicians every week about their experiences treating patients on the front lines.

Unfortunately, now more than a year into the pandemic, we continue to ask the impossible from our doctors and nurses. To put aside their trauma, power through their grief, and keep sacrificing their own physical and mental wellbeing to focus on ours.

Wheel was founded on the belief that empowered clinicians lead to healthier patients. So we set out to better understand the long-term costs of the pandemic. Most importantly, whether our failure to support clinicians is harming the health of our country.

We surveyed 2,000 people about their healthcare experiences over the last year to better understand:

  • How clinician burnout is impacting the patient experience

  • Whether patients and their behavior is contributing to clinician burnout

  • If people still value working in healthcare

Download the full Clinician Burnout Survey Here

Survey of Clinician Burnout in 2021
Download the survey to learn more.

Our CEO and founder Michelle Davey also shared her take over on Medium, discussing the findings and how we can help those who take care of us.

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