Clinicians as Commodities? Our Founder’s Thoughts on the Future of Telehealth

future of telehealth

Our co-founder, Michelle Davey, opens up in a revealing post about the commoditization of clinicians and what she sees as critical for the future of telemedicine and our healthcare system in the US.

The great promise of digital health is its democratization of care—providing access despite socioeconomic or geographic limitations. But telemedicine 1.0 has fallen short of our expectations by failing to address the underlying foundational issues in our healthcare delivery paradigm.

In a new post on Medium, our CEO Michelle Davey explores the critical component at the core of our healthcare system and the key to a new era of telemedicine and digital health—our clinicians.

“Digital Health cannot succeed without quality clinicians and the technology infrastructure to support their work. Despite the emphasis on “digital,” the success of this movement rests on the people delivering care: knowledgeable, passionate, caring doctors and nurses. Yet because the system treats clinicians as commodities they are burning out and opting out at alarming rates.”

Read more about Michelle’s mission to change the way healthcare works by putting clinicians first in the full post on Medium.

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