Face it, Your Care Programs Aren't Working. It's Time to Look Towards the Horizon™

The data is clear: there is a glaring gap between today’s care programs and patient engagement across health plans, provider groups, and vendors. People are simply not flocking to these point-solution programs and instead, only seek care when they’re already feeling the weight of illness bearing down on them. This stark reality demands a fresh approach.

From the virtual front door to the patient front door, Wheel’s mission has always been to put high-quality healthcare within everyone’s reach. Horizon is our response to the major gaps in patient support— we’re empowering organizations to leave behind the limitations of telehealth 1.0 and embrace a future where care is truly integrated, enhancing both offline and online experiences for every patient, member, and consumer.

AI-Driven Care: From Really? to Reality

As consumer-centered care surges, accessing treatment for acute conditions has become more convenient for millions of Americans; however, there's still a critical missing piece: predictive and proactive care.

Most programs today leverage automated, rules-based clinical decision support by using algorithms and predefined rules to analyze patient data and provide simple recommendations to providers. These systems typically require structured and complete data sets to function effectively. Providers input patient information into the system, which then processes the data and offers suggestions for diagnosis, treatment, or further testing based on predefined rules and criteria.

In contrast, AI, such as that in Horizon, leverages extensive structured and unstructured data sets drawn from millions of care interactions across a population to anticipate and provide the most suitable next steps in a care pathway. This enables providers to concentrate on what truly matters: the patient. Horizon's AI-driven methodology not only streamlines processes but also generates deeper insights, thereby elevating the overall quality of care provided.

Here’s an example of how it has worked for a patient looking for support in weight loss:

  • A patient was seeking assistance for weight loss management through one of our clients, initiating our platform's intuitive intake process.
  • This patient had not previously submitted labs so Horizon only had the profile from intake to drive the care pathway.
  • Utilizing our vast data set, collected by delivering millions of care visits each year, the AI model facilitated an order for lab tests based on the patient profile as compared to our population dataset.
  • Upon receiving lab results, our medical assessment models highlighted critical flags such as elevated A1C levels and other potential comorbidities—details often missed in traditional telehealth visits.
  • The AI-enabled workflow engine determined the next best steps for the patient, delivering a personalized and streamlined experience. In this case a combined GLP-1 and diabetes management care plan.
  • In this example, the Wheel clinician received immediate prompts within the EMR, indicating patient eligibility, recommendations, and referral options for the integrated diabetes program.

This clinician-driven strategy is instrumental; our data shows that such recommendations result in tripled utilization of specialty care programs, effectively combating the underutilization often faced by stand-alone condition management programs.

The Future of Wheel: Leading the Evolution of Care Through AI

The market has already witnessed the transformative power of generative AI. This first phase was about productivity and efficiency, leveraging automation to streamline operations, enhance workflows, and improve the way we live and work.

However, the next step in our journey, and the industry’s evolution, is using predictive AI to do things differently. AI will change the way we experience life and care, going beyond mere efficiency, aiming to create a cohesive and anticipatory healthcare experience.

This isn’t just about making processes faster or more efficient; it’s about fundamentally transforming how care is delivered and experienced, bringing together online and offline care delivery to create a new experience that meets patients wherever they are.

Elevating Care: Where Innovation Meets Humanity

At Wheel, our commitment to innovation extends far beyond technology. We believe that human-centered design is essential for creating solutions that truly meet the needs of patients and providers. With Horizon and AI, alongside an expanding catalog of connected care services, we're shaping a future where healthcare is not only advanced but also deeply human.

Wheel isn't just addressing current technology challenges; we're anticipating future needs on the horizon and fundamentally changing the way healthcare is delivered.

I am honored to lead our company into this exciting new chapter. With Horizon and our upcoming releases, we're not merely reimagining healthcare; we're transforming lives. Join us on this journey as we continue to innovate, inspire, and lead the way towards the future of care delivery.