Profiles in Telehealth: Fabe Fan - Operations Associate

Fabe has always loved working with people, and she's found herself in a role that allows her to build meaningful relationships with clients and clinicians every day. Learn more about Fabe's journey and why she loves working at Wheel.

What’s your role at Wheel?

I am an operations associate at Wheel, so I handle a lot of the daily operations to ensure consults are being completed and the clinicians have a seamless experience. I also help with support and credentialing, which requires me to dive deep into our client and clinician issues and help build an understanding of our most important asset: our clinicians!

What’s your background? What did you do before working with Wheel?

I grew up in Dallas, TX, and went to the University of Texas at Dallas. After graduating I spent some time in Houston and Austin. My internships throughout college always emphasized working with people, whether in human resources, recruiting, or operations. I truly like to make sure every human interaction is important and leave people with a good experience. I’ve temporarily relocated to San Diego during this crazy time and plan on checking out every beach, every beautiful hiking trail, and every cocktail bar (when allowed) and find all the delicious food I can. I’m also going to give boogie boarding a go!

Why did you join the Wheel team?

I joined Wheel a year ago and it’s inspiring to see how much we’ve grown since then! I’ve spent a lot of time in the past working for large companies that have very strict processes you cannot stray from.

I enjoy working at Wheel because my voice is heard and I have the ability to make a difference.

I wear many different hats on a weekly basis and get to enjoy the flexibility and opportunity to learn something new every day. Oh, and the team is phenomenal, especially when everyone's mission and values align.

What’s your recent Wheel Moment of Reward?

My most recent Wheel moment was today! We have a nurse practitioner working with two clients who needed to find a new supervising physician in order to continue working with us. Thankfully, we have a network of great physicians, soI was able to connect with them to see if any of them were available and willing to work with a fellow Wheel clinician. Thankfully, a physician stepped up and our clinician did not have to lose any work. I believe this is what Wheel is all about - building a community, providing opportunities, and being the best advocate for our clinicians.

What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

Albeit the circumstances, the pandemic has provided a well-deserved spotlight into the telemedicine space and the possibilities are endless. I believe healthcare should not be a luxury - it should be a right that is affordable and accessible to everyone, and I believe that is where we are headed!

    Thanks, Fabe, for sharing your thoughts and being an essential member of the #WheelCareTeam!

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