Profiles in Telehealth: Kevin Jordan - Enterprise SDR

Learn about Kevin Jordan, our business development powerhouse!

What’s your role at Wheel?

As Enterprise SDR, my role is in business development as a revenue channel for Wheel.

I work in between the lines of marketing and sales to identify key accounts and buyers, create demand, and determine fit. In layman’s terms: I find and reach out to people and companies who I think would benefit from all that Wheel can provide, and then I work with them to develop a relationship. #emailingmachine

What’s your background? What did you do before working with Wheel?

I’m a born-and-bred Austinite. I decided to go to Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX (a school of just 1,200) because of the beautiful campus, close-knit atmosphere, local scholastic reputation — and perhaps most importantly — to play collegiate soccer at a quality program!

As a born Texan, I grew up with Luby’s mac-and-cheese and it is still my favorite food to this day. My family taught me a love for traveling that I’ve been fortunate to carry on with my wife, Caitlin, and our German Shepherd, Snickers. We’ve been to Scotland, New Zealand/Australia, Croatia, British Virgin Island’s, Cancun, and all 50 states.

While I didn’t have a solid idea of “what I wanted to be when I grew up” before heading to college, I found my passion at Southwestern where I had my first taste of the business world. I was fascinated by the strategy behind building a business and how to make a company not only run well, but succeed. After graduation, I took that drive and applied it to my own career.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve been the QB in closing deals as a B2B Account Executive, but I’ve found at Wheel that my true knack is in strategically breaking into accounts and being a primer for a high-velocity sales funnel.

Why did you join the Wheel team?

I joined Wheel at the height of the pandemic in June of 2020. And while it was and still is a spectacular time for telemedicine, truthfully, it was the people that were the deciding factor for me.

The authenticity of the company and the people who work here came through during the interview process — I knew I had to be a part of the team.

Having worked with hospitals and clinics in the middleware space, I knew that things in healthcare tend to move very slowly. I saw that Wheel was a rocket ship helping to transform the healthcare industry, and that was really appealing to me. Since I’ve joined Wheel, I’ve been excited to fill my calendar every day, speaking with both small startups and large enterprise organizations with a myriad of different service offerings to the healthcare community.

The impact of what Wheel can help virtual care companies build is a real and lasting one — it’s been amazing so far.

What’s your recent Wheel Moment of Reward?

I love working for a fast-paced startup, and Wheel gives me the opportunity to be involved in high-level conversations with the leaders of the company. This exposure helps me with my own career growth goals and also speaks to a level of teamwork and trust within the company that I respect.

I also get to make an immediate impact on the success of the company because my role is tied directly to revenue.

Finally, knowing that Wheel helps provide the infrastructure for companies looking to get into or scale their digital care offering — which in turn has a direct impact on the daily lives of so many patients — is the most rewarding piece of it all.

What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

I’m thrilled to see digital healthcare, as a whole, be widely adopted in a variety of industries. My family and I are fortunate enough to have had no serious health issues, but even with the occasional cold or sports injury, I know the pain of slugging my way through the healthcare system.

The rigamarole of taking time off of work, driving to an appointment, sitting in a waiting room (seemingly forever), eventually getting my name called, only to sit in the exam room for 10 more minutes, to finally be seen by a provider for a mere 5 minutes before I’m booted out for the next patient, is not only a frustrating experience but one that can be so easily solved with telemedicine. So, I’m really excited to see low-acuity issues being solved with digital care.

Thanks, Kevin, for all your hard work with The Wheel Team! We appreciate everything you do.

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