Profiles in Telehealth: Margo Koutsouradis, Senior Product Manager

Get to know Wheel Senior Product Manager, Margo Koutsouradis!

What’s your role at Wheel?

I'm a Senior Product Manager on our Virtual Care Platform team. In practice that means, I get to ask a lot of questions and spend time breaking down complex problems with really smart people (usually engineers). In my day to day, I help manage the work of our Virtual Care Platform team by defining requirements and setting the direction of the engineering team. I also get to spend time interfacing with different parts of the business so I can make informed decisions on what the team works on!

What’s your professional story?

I grew up outside of Philly and went to the University of Michigan. (Go Blue!) After college, I joined a startup called Rally Health right after they raised their Series C where I totally caught the high-growth startup bug. At Rally I learned not only about building products but also how to manage chaos and uncertainty as startups transition through different phases of the journey. I loved it! In 2017 I took a sabbatical that lead me to Indonesia where I did my yoga teacher training and learned how to surf. Now I live in Venice Beach, LA and I've somehow managed to combine the best of all works: startups, yoga, and surfing.🏄

Why did you join Wheel?

I joined Wheel about a year and a half ago. Honestly, I wasn't even really "looking." A casual afternoon browsing LinkedIn turned into a phone screen with our recruiter Greg (who is the BEST!) I had so much fun during the interview process that I accepted the offer.

What’s your favorite Wheel moment?

About a year ago, Wheel set out to enter the Labs space. In order to support the new business line, we had to build a new product. Labs are complicated - especially from a data perspective, and working on this product was highly challenging. We made mistakes along the way, and ultimately, learned from them. Seeing the first lab order come through our system was incredibly rewarding! I'm grateful for everything the experience taught me and honestly, I feel like I’ve become a better leader.

What does the future of healthcare look like?

I'm excited about how consumer-centric healthcare has become. It's easier than ever to find care and with virtual options expanding, it’s easier to access too. What's so great about the trend toward virtual-first care is that it benefits both patients and clinicians. Not only is access to care getting easier, but so is delivering it!

Do you have a fun fact?

I'm first generation Greek and spent all my summers growing up on a Greek island. 🇬🇷

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