Telehealth News Recap - July 2022

This month we’d like to begin by acknowledging the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson. Wheel is dedicated to expanding access to healthcare services for all and empowering clinicians to make independent clinical decisions, while providing high-quality care that complies with local regulations.

Please know that our team and network of clinicians are here to support your business and your patients in any way we can.

Telehealth News

It can be tough to catch up and keep up with the latest news, trends, interviews, and insights in the virtual care space. That’s why we’re here to do the work for you with our monthly telehealth news recap.

In this month’s industry news roundup, we look at how the overturning of Roe v. Wade will impact virtual abortion care, share a key compliance resource as state and federal regulators increase scrutiny on D2C telehealth companies, and more!

Trends & Insights

What’s Next for Virtual Abortions Post-Roe?

The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade returns the issue of abortion rights to the states, and unlocks expansive legal complexities for virtual care providers offering telemedicine abortion. Telehealth will be available in the states that seek to protect abortion. And it won’t be legally available in the states that seek to ban abortion. But what about patients that cross state lines to receive care? How can we protect clinicians’ liability if they provide such care?

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Clinician Perception of Quality Linked to Telehealth Modality Use Rates

A recent Veterans Affairs study of 866 clinicians found high telehealth utilization rates were associated with clinicians’ attitudes towards virtual care quality and ease of use. The study also found that mental health providers are the most likely provider type to prefer video over phone visits. Primary and specialty care clinicians either reported no difference in quality between phone and video or they preferred phone.

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First Opinions & Engaging Conversations

3 Strategies for Tech Leaders Moving Forward

In the wake of Hollywood’s portrayal of startup growth at WeWork, Theranos, and Uber, it’s safe to say that the growth-at-all-costs mentality is out and responsible growth is in. In this article, Wheel’s co-founder and CEO, Michelle Davey, shares three actionable tips for tech leaders looking to grow their business sustainably.

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America’s Hospitals Are in Transition

In this thought-provoking article, Dr. Daniela Lamas, pulmonary and critical-care physician at Brigham Hospital in Boston, pauses to reflect on the future of bedside manner post-COVID. How are medical teams readjusting to family members being back in the room after years of pandemic isolation protocols? How will the next generation of clinicians be impacted after completing a majority of their training on COVID-19 patients?

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Policy & Regulatory Updates

Key Legal Issues Facing Telehealth Platforms, as Compliance Concerns Bubble for Platforms Launched During the Public Health Emergency

After recent media reports have raised concerns about DTC telehealth platforms, digital health companies providing these services are facing increased scrutiny by federal and state regulators. This article provides an overview of the multi-state telehealth regulatory landscape, risks to be aware of, and key legal and privacy issues that companies must tackle to provide compliant, high-quality care.

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Growth & Innovation

What’s Next for Digital Healthcare?

Investor and entrepreneur Shafin Diamond makes an optimistic case for why the digital health industry is ripe for explosion and close to achieving mainstream adoption. Shafin outlines what’s needed to achieve the ultimate goal: providing personalized and proactive digital health experiences that can anticipate individual care needs.

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3 Things Investors Need To Know About The Growing Digital Healthcare Sector

With so much capital being funneled into digital healthcare, it’s important for potential investors and stakeholders to stay apprised of the most up-to-date market nuances. This article details three key differentiators to look out for when placing bets on the next best digital health startup.

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Wheel News

Diagnostics-as-a-service May Be One of the Most Important Opportunities in Digital Health

Despite its critical role in medical decision-making, the lab testing industry has received significantly less attention and capital from the digital health world in recent years. Now, however, a handful of promising changes in the market are encouraging investors and industry experts to see testing as digital healthcare's next frontier. This article details the current issues facing the lab testing industry, explains how consumerization and decentralization are creating the perfect conditions for new business models to enter the space, and introduces readers to the key players in the new "diagnostics-as-a-service" (DaaS) space.

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Virtual Care 2.0: Innovating for a Virtual-First Future

Nearly every company across healthcare has been racing to bring their services online. While widespread adoption is worthy of celebration, it's only the first step in a long journey towards transforming the healthcare experience. In this blog post, Michelle Davey, CEO and co-founder of Wheel, shares a vision for telehealth 2.0 and details the challenges and opportunities the industry faces in building virtual-first solutions.

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