Under the Hood: How Wheel Vets Clients for Success

A behind the scenes look at how Wheel vets prospective clients to ensure high-quality virtual care experiences for patients, clinicians, and partners at scale.

At Wheel, our mission is to put great care within everyone’s reach. With companies across healthcare racing to stand up and scale virtual care offerings, it may be easy to assume we’re in just as big of a hurry to work with every telehealth provider that knocks on our door.

But there is a reason we say great care, not just care.

Quality is fundamental to transforming healthcare. And while delivering a high-quality patient experience is always a top priority, our commitment to quality goes beyond the virtual visit.

Stringently vetting the companies we work with in four critical areas is one key way to establishing that high-quality experience across the board.

By pausing to evaluate our potential partners for clinical compliance, regulatory compliance, business model fit, and clinician success, we protect clinician licenses, guarantee high-quality patient care, and aim to uphold the highest industry standards for both our partners, and ourselves.

Here’s a look at how it works:

Clinical Compliance

To guarantee that a prospect is a good fit for Wheel, our clinical operations team collaborates with the prospect’s medical directors or clinical team on a compliance deep dive.

We’ll begin by assessing the scope of the prospect’s clinical offering to make sure telehealth is appropriate. This is followed by an audit of all clinical intake procedures and treatment guidelines. If deemed necessary, Wheel’s medical experts work with the prospect to bring all procedures and guidelines up to industry standards prior to launching virtual care.

Finally, our high-touch quality assurance process supports ongoing clinical compliance post-launch, not only for clinicians but also for the clients they serve. They monitor the clinical standard of care for every treatment area delivered through Wheel to ensure you can safely and effectively provide telehealth services.

Regulatory Compliance

Each prospect also goes through a meticulous legal vetting process to establish above-board regulatory compliance before engaging in a partnership.

Our legal team and advisors are industry experts in telehealth modalities of care. They stay up-to-date on state board telehealth laws and regulations for all 50 states and D.C., and flag any regulatory risks implicated by a given treatment area or patient flow.

Our team reviews every clinical workflow to ensure all telehealth services satisfy the requirements for asynchronous telehealth. Also, when applicable, they consider commercial and government insurance regulations, which may require a specific modality for a reimbursed consult even in a state that would allow a self-pay asynchronous consult.

Business Model Assessment

Before adding a new partner, our team also evaluates the prospect’s business model to determine operational and economic fit. What’s their mission? What stage of business are they in? What’s the virtual care strategy for the future?

Wheel prioritizes partnerships that align with our mission to innovate the healthcare experience for patients and clinicians. Our ideal clients hold similar values and have a vision of scaling virtual care nationally.

Clinician Success

Finally, Wheel also vets clients to ensure our clinicians are educated to successfully deliver high-quality care under their name. Our implementation team works with clients to prepare a comprehensive clinician onboarding plan.

Our clinical quality team educates every Wheel clinician on Webside Manner, client treatment protocols, and virtual care principles and best practices. To ensure continued success, they continue monitoring clinical success in partnership with the client through our quality assurance program.


As the industry works at a high velocity to transform healthcare access with virtual care, it is critical to establish and share best practices for developing quality standards. Otherwise, we’re simply bringing a broken healthcare system online.

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