Your trusted, turnkey telehealth solution

Building your telemedicine infrastructure is hard. Trust Wheel to bring your new virtual care service to market quickly and affordably— after all, this is what we do every day.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Many organizations face significant headwinds when launching a virtual care service nationwide. It’s complicated, cost-prohibitive, and time-consuming. Companies often realize too late the extent of the barriers, such as scarcity of quality clinicians, complex state regulations, supply cost inefficiencies, and the slow, burdensome operational lift required.

Get to market fast

Wheel is designed for speed and simplicity. In as little as two weeks, we help telehealth companies stand up a board-certified clinical workforce optimized to deliver quality, compliant virtual care. Along the way, our team provides expert regulatory guidance with access to Friendly PCs, malpractice coverage, and collaborative supervision for mid-level providers.

White labeled, nationwide clinical network

Provide the highest quality of virtual care all within your brand. We source, credential, monitor, and train clinicians licensed across all 50 states—alleviating the cost and manpower of doing it yourself.

Flex-based approach to clinical coverage

Our “just-in-time” model is designed to reduce overhead, so you can pass the savings to your patients. We’ll optimize your mix of quality clinicians by type, specialty, and state license, while allowing for fluctuations in patient demand, state to state.

Tech-enabled workforce management

Deliver InstantCare guaranteed response times in compliance with state regulations. We match the right clinician with the right license to the right patient, while informing and optimizing your expansion strategy with actionable consult-level data.

Serving organizations of all types

Companies in healthcare--and beyond it-- are now realizing the incredible potential of virtual care to strengthen brands, build relationships, and improve outcomes. Click below to learn more about how we can help your organization launch and expand telemedicine services with speed and simplicity.

The trusted solution for quality care

Wheel is the first and only technology solution providing leading virtual care companies a rapid, turnkey way to serve more patients at scale—while empowering clinicians to deliver the highest quality care. As the modern workforce solution for virtual care, our performance is unmatched.

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Take your telehealth company to market fast

Trust Wheel to get you there in as little as two weeks.