COVID-19 Telehealth Emergency Response Services

Wheel is mobilizing a remote-and-ready clinical workforce

Now you can extend screening, triage, care navigation and educational services to your patient population. Wheel offers rapid access to a network of board-certified clinicians specially trained in both telehealth and CDC-guided clinical protocols for COVID-19.


Rapid, go-to market access to a white-labeled network prepped for triage, care navigation and education across all 50-states

High Impact

High impact access to high-quality, US-based clinicians specially trained in telehealth best practices and COVID-19 clinical protocols

Low Cost

Low cost, economical model with hourly and fee-per-visit pricing options

Timely value & protection for your patients through virtual care

Provide responsive and responsible services in the nation's time of need. With Wheel, you can extend COVID-19 education and care navigation with immediacy.

How it works

  1. Patient enters client landing page
  2. Patient completes Risk Assessment form
  3. Assessment provides risk stratification to patient & clinician
  4. Patient begins chat with clinician, according to risk level
  5. Patient treatment language and care follow-up provided

Which of your patients would benefit?

The “worried well”

People without Coronavirus who have questions about prevention or symptoms and desire medical advice

Potentially Infected

Those at-risk of COVID-19 infection needing care navigation and immediate medical guidance

Non-emergent patients

People in need of other types of medical care that can avoid potential exposure to COVID-19 in ERs, urgent care clinics and primary care offices

Wheel is providing rapid access to a COVID-19 trained clinical network. Learn more here. ×