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Life with Wheel
  • Deliver care with Wheel
  • Earn more money
  • Enjoy more flexible family time
  • Work from home
  • Make time for self-care
  • Return to your hobby

Happier clinicians make healthier patients

At Wheel, our mission is to change the way healthcare works by putting clinicians first. It’s time to say yes to more freedom and balance in your medical career with an opportunity in telehealth.

Work from home while caring for more patients

Love what you do and love your free time—they’re not mutually exclusive. Wheel empowers you to design your clinical practice around your life, with telemedicine jobs for physicians and nurse practitioners that you can do from anywhere. Looking for a work from home or remote job? You'll find it here.


I wanted more freedom to work where and when I wanted—at home, on trips, or vacation. And I wanted to spend more time with my family. Wheel helps me do that.

Andrew K, MD, California

Telemedicine jobs that put you first

You now have the power to design your work around your life. Engage with as many virtual care companies as you want. One schedule. One contract. One telemedicine credentialing effort. It's easier than you think!


I have freedom to work when I want and bring in the income I need—I'm no longer burned out. I’m currently building my independent practice and working with Wheel! I couldn't be happier.

Barbara C, NP, Georgia

A clinical partner you can trust

You deserve better protection. That’s why we meticulously select each of our virtual care partners and vet them to the highest clinical, legal, and regulatory standards. And malpractice coverage? It's on us.


Your clinician first approach is a breath of fresh air and a rare commodity in this day and age. I appreciate your dedication to clinicians.

Melissa E, NP, Florida

Getting started in telehealth is easy

Start the conversation

We have telehealth jobs for nurse practitioners and physicians with the flexibility to work remotely or work from home. Interested? Talk to a Clinician Advocate today.

Kick off credentialing & training

We’ll work with you on one-time telemedicine credentialing, Webside Manner™ training, and protocol education for the telehealth opportunities that interest you.

Get to work!

Start providing care on your terms—working anywhere, anytime, on your schedule. With the best telehealth positions available, you’re in the driver’s seat.

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