Deliver better
at scale

The technology-driven staffing solution designed for telehealth

Wheel is the world’s first flexible, tech-enabled clinical network delivering quality virtual care to scale your telehealth business needs.

Scale with confidence

Experience the power of end-to-end clinical workforce management to accelerate your telemedicine business growth. We’ll build and manage your team of telehealth clinicians trained in Webside Manner™ while maintaining industry-leading quality assurance standards and protocols for the best patient outcomes.

Discover a smarter telemedicine model

It’s time to say goodbye to inflexible overhead and burdensome locum staffing models of the past. With Wheel, only pay for the telehealth services you use on a per visit or per patient encounter basis.

Automate your virtual healthcare logistics

Deliver a truly seamless white-labeled telehealth experience to your patients through our platform-agnostic API. Easily integrate it into your telemedicine platform to connect the right clinician to the right patient on demand.

Reduce your risk

Lean on us to expertly guide you through the ever-changing telehealth regulations, telemedicine laws, and virtual care clinical practices of the digital health industry, so you can deliver the safest, most compliant digital healthcare to your patients.

We’re a telehealth partner with momentum

Wheel is providing rapid access to a COVID-19 trained clinical network. Learn more here. ×