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(Cost of staffing only, excluding cost of access to virtual care platform. See legal disclaimer below.)

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*Please note: In the U.S. not all state laws allow for asynchronous care delivery. Please consult with your legal counsel for details.

The hidden costs of virtual care delivery

Standing up and scaling a virtual care service on your own is slow, complicated, and expensive — costing an average of $15MM and 15 months.1 Companies often realize too late the extent of the barriers: quality clinician scarcity, complex state regulations, supply cost inefficiencies, and the slow, burdensome operational lift required. Meanwhile, competitors within and outside of healthcare are running at full speed to capture patient consumers through virtual care.

1. Wheel internal data.

Clinical workforce management costs

Hiring, licensing, training, scheduling, and retaining clinicians across all 50 states

Legal and regulatory costs

Compliance review, ongoing state-by-state regulation changes, clinician practice authority requirements

Medical operations costs

Clinical protocol development, employment of a Chief Medical Officer, clinician malpractice coverage

Get rapid, affordable, high-quality virtual care with Wheel

Whether you are launching a new telemedicine offering or scaling your virtual care service, Wheel gets you rapidly serving more patients at significantly lower cost.

By pairing an intelligent technology platform with the power and reach of an integrated 50-state clinical network, Wheel delivers the flexibility you need to expand quickly on a national scale with reduced overhead — outpacing your competition.

The largest white-labeled clinical network

Deliver a branded patient experience while accessing thousands of virtual primary care and behavioral health providers. Our 50-state network of board-certified clinicians are credentialed to NCQA standards and trained in Webside Manner and your brand of care.

Best-in-class, modular virtual care platform

Our white-labeled virtual care platform offers flexible configurations and is fully integrated with Wheel's clinical workforce. Leverage our intuitive patient and clinician portals or simply select the technology modules you need. The Wheel platform can support your service from first-touch to follow-up.

Workforce management with Instant Care

Wheel’s proprietary virtual care platform connects patients to the right clinician with the right state license, on demand. Instant Care smart routing gives you access to the lowest SLAs and guaranteed response times in the industry to ensure a best-in-class patient experience.

Integrated clinical & compliance solutions

Navigate telehealth’s complex regulatory and legal environment with Wheel, leveraging our state-by-state Friendly PCs, clinician malpractice coverage, and collaborative supervision management. Wheel also provides access to over 100+ primary care and behavioral health treatment area protocols for the highest-quality care delivery.

How it works

Doing it yourself? It’s expensive, complicated, and time-consuming to stand up a virtual care practice. Wheel makes it easy. Behind the scenes, we’ll be your best kept secret.


Plan your patient demand

Share the state and volume coverage you need and we’ll train the right number of licensed clinicians on your brand of care, scaling to meet your needs as you grow.


Map your patient journey

Based on the experience you want to deliver, we'll develop the right clinical protocols and workflows to ensure quality patient care is on point.


Integrate with Wheel

Leverage your existing platform and access our clinician network via API, or tap into the network with our white-labeled platform. Either way, you'll deliver your brand of care with the industry's fastest response times.


Start delivering quality care

We perform systematic quality checks to ensure the highest standards are met. In fact, our partners have benefited from a 99.5% Average Clinical Quality Score.

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Legal Disclaimer:

The Return-on-Investment (ROI) and other financial calculations performed by this tool do not include all categories of costs associated with providing virtual care services, such as the cost of a virtual care platform for patient or clinician care delivery. Wheel offers this tool to assist customers with evaluating costs associated with virtual care; however, Wheel is not responsible for the accuracy of any estimates, and the actual ROI realized by customers may vary from the estimates provided.

The ROI tool calculates an estimated ROI based on three cost inputs: workforce costs, regulatory costs, and clinical operations costs. Workforce costs take into account estimated costs of recruiting, credentialing, and onboarding clinicians. Regulatory costs include engaging with legal counsel to form a PC structure to legally deliver professional services. Clinical operations costs include hiring a multi-licensed medical director to serve as a PC owner, and to develop clinician protocols for virtual care services.

The calculations are based on Wheel’s internal financial data. Your actual ROI will vary by state and the specifics of your practice. This tool is designed for educational use only -- it neither reflects any promise of reimbursement by Wheel nor guarantees that Wheel will work with you.