Reduce Telehealth Delivery Costs Fast

Wheel clients save up to 70% in OPEX and start seeing savings within weeks.* Calculate your telehealth cost savings and learn how to get the economic advantage in virtual care delivery, with Wheel.

Profitability at scale is hard

Delivering virtual care at scale is extremely capital intensive. From patient volume forecasting to clinician recruitment, staffing, and management, companies face significant economic challenges to ‘get it right’ on a nationwide scale.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it’s more critical than ever to optimize your virtual care delivery model to mitigate financial risk and stay competitive.

Get the economic advantage with Wheel

Don’t let an inefficient healthcare staffing model hold back your business. Supplementing clinical services with Wheel helps you reduce operating costs fast — without sacrificing clinical quality and coverage.

Leverage usage-based pricing

Pay just for the care you use, regardless of shifting patient demand.

Offload clinical operations

Our team manages treatment guidelines and quality assurance to free up your resources.

Integrate fast & see savings within weeks

Move from fixed costs to variable and drive down OPEX while mitigating risk.

Calculate your ROI with Wheel

Enter information about your virtual care business to calculate your savings with Wheel.

*Please note: In the U.S. not all state laws allow for asynchronous care delivery. Please consult with your legal counsel for details.

With Wheel, you could potentially save:


Curious how we calculated this? Learn more below, and book a meeting with our team for a custom ROI analysis.

How it works: Save at scale with per-visit pricing

Not only are staffing and administrative overhead costly, the financial fallout from getting clinician utilization wrong can be huge. Wheel’s per-visit pricing and built-in workforce management keep your costs low and flex with your demand in real time. And savings only get better as you scale.

Where does the savings come from?

Clinical workforce costs

Save on clinician recruitment, workforce salaries, and administrative management costs

Telehealth regulation costs

Reduce the costs of Friendly PC models required for compliance with Corporate Practice of Medicine laws

Clinical operations costs

Access a library of treatment guidelines and protocols, a leading clinical quality assurance program, and 24/7/365 clinician support

Cut costs & mitigate economic risk fast