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We have a simple vision for the future: We’re helping clinicians and the industry deliver better care for all. We believe healthcare will move forward when we amplify the impact of virtual care for more patients. And that vision is rooted in our core mission to change the way healthcare works by focusing on clinicians, because we believe happier clinicians make healthier patientsTM.

Why Wheel?

The first wheel was invented over 5,000 years ago to help move something that one person could not move alone. And that’s what Wheel represents — a commitment to moving the healthcare industry forward together, with clinicians, organizations, and patients all playing an integral role. Wheel is enabling the highest quality virtual care to be delivered affordably and sustainably, changing the way healthcare works.

Our story

Michelle Davey and Griffin Mulcahey founded Wheel in January of 2018, after working together in the telehealth industry and realizing no one was looking out for those at the center of the healthcare engine: the clinicians on the front lines. They decided to do something about it. Wheel became the industry’s first model for delivering high-quality virtual care at scale by empowering clinicians and providing new efficiencies for healthcare companies.

Michelle Davey

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Growing up in a rural area with limited medical resources, Michelle became focused on improving patient access to care. Her career took on a journey through healthcare, tech, marketplaces and virtual care. After recognizing the need for a new workforce configuration in healthcare, she co-founded Wheel. Michelle is a thought leader focused on the urgent need for reinventing healthcare delivery models, clinician empowerment, and the future of work in healthcare.

Griffin Mulcahey

Chief Compliance Officer & Co-Founder

Griffin is a lawyer turned entrepreneur. He started his career in public health policy, then began practicing law at the national healthcare firm, Epstein Becker Green. When Griffin realized the way to make the biggest impact on our nation’s healthcare delivery system was to take matters into his own hands, he co-founded Wheel to shift the current delivery model. Griffin is an avid speaker and thought leader on the topics of telemedicine, digital health and healthcare practice models.

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