All the Jobs Doctors and Nurses Can Do From Home

jobs doctors can do from home

Work from home jobs for doctors and nurses can help you achieve more life balance while still serving patients either one-on-one or behind the scenes. If you’re looking for a home-based or online medical position, use this list to inspire your next career move.

Your work as a clinician doesn’t have to be limited to the hospital or clinic. There are many options for part-time or full-time jobs that doctors can do from home. From phone triage to telemedicine, to medical writing, here is a robust list of work from home jobs for doctors and nurses as well as advice on how to chart your telemedicine career path.

Concierge Medical Practice

Concierge medicine is where a doctor forms a relationship as a primary care provider to a patient for a membership fee. The work can be done in-person but may also be focused on phone and online video consults. As a concierge medical practitioner, you’re opening yourself up to being available to patients 24/7, but you can also control how many people you bring into the membership.

Telephone Triage

Working as a telephone triage clinician makes you the stop for many patients before deciding to seek additional medical attention. Nurse lines have become a popular offering with many insurance companies. While most telephone triage agents are nurses, doctors can also be available to assist with reviewing the calls that come in. You can find telephone triage work with companies like Wellpoint, UnitedHealth Group, Triage 4 Pediatrics,, Cleveland Clinic, Anthem, Pager, and more. There are also ample opportunities available on a local level for phone triage nurses.


Of course, we can’t write a list of work from home jobs for doctors without mentioning telemedicine. You can have a truly rewarding, flexible job, all from the comfort of your home office. A job in telehealth allows you to help patients in time-effective appointments, connect with people in hard-to-reach places, and form a one-time or long-lasting relationship with your clients.

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Medical Liaison

As a remote medical liaison, you have the option to serve as the go-between for patients, doctors, and teams of medical professionals as a remote physician reviewer, case manager, or remote medical director. Remote physician reviewers are primarily concerned with insurance spending. They will review patients' medical records to determine whether procedures and treatments were covered by insurance and, if so, whether they were medically necessary.

Case managers, on the other hand, serve more as liaisons in the interests of patients. They work with insurance companies and medical facilities to ensure both parties are meeting their patients’ needs. Case managers advocate for their patients, while also ensuring what insurance carriers are being billed is fair for them.

Not limited to in-person positions, medical directors can also work remotely and manage remote teams. You can manage a team from your home office and operate as the liaison between patients and telemedicine staff.

Medical Writer

Whatever style you may want to write in, there are opportunities for you to share your clinical expertise in the form of the written word.

Consumer publications

Your writing could reach a wide audience if you decided to contribute to a popular magazine or other consumer publication. Search on websites of magazines you read in your downtime, like SELF or Men’s Health, to see if the publication is looking for a medical expert on a given topic. If they are taking submissions for writers, put together an article on a topic you want to write more about. Another option for getting published in consumer publications is subscribing to a service like HARO (Help a Reporter Out). The site sends out requests 3 times per day for expert opinions on a wide array of topics. A quick perusal of some requests and a few submissions could get you a long-standing gig if all goes well, or, at least, the occasional paid quote.

Medical marketing or advertising agency

The possibilities for contribution to medical marketing or advertising agency are almost limitless. Search for firms specializing in healthcare and medical topics, and inquire if they are hiring writers or consultants. You could end up lending your voice to a social media campaign, help produce a television spot, or partner on a consumer survey. Your unique perspective as someone in the field could lend a lot to advertisers looking to spread messages you care about.

Medical researcher

Believe it or not, there are opportunities to conduct clinical research from your home. This is an especially great career direction if you’re looking to sharpen your expertise in a specific area. Your clinical research work can bolster other parts of your career and add great material to your resume, too.

Start your own website

There’s no need to wait for someone else to create a position for you when you can make one yourself. Start your own website or blog where you can share your expertise with others. Are you going to write a regular blog, create a podcast, do a video series? The sky’s the limit. The money comes with advertising and other opportunities that may arise as your readership grows.

Write a book about your experiences

If you become a regular blogger, the next step might be to write a book about your experiences and your best advice for patients. Or, if you’ve already got a big idea, skip the blogging and write a book right out the gate. While there might be other clinicians with similar experiences, chances are there aren’t many courageous enough to put it all down on paper.

Textbook author or editor

Your contributions to a textbook could inspire budding physicians, educate college undergrads in their required biology class, or assist academic authors who may have more theory than practice in the field.

Medical Advisory Roles

Online healthcare consultants

If you’re looking to take your career in a direction slightly outside the norm, you may want to look into becoming an online healthcare consultant. Unhappy with how things ran at your last healthcare company? Be part of the change and advise companies on the best ways to operate their business. This is the perfect job for clinicians who are obsessed with lists, order, and efficiency.

Medical startup advisor

Theranos scandal aside, medical startups are looking to do good, but may not have all the medical expertise to get them to that next level of funding. That’s where you come in. You could lend your expertise, or possibly just your investment, to a medical startup, and work with some dreamers who are looking for new solutions to old problems.

Venture capital advisor

You can also work on the other end of medical startups and advise venture capitalists on whether a startup is worth investing in. Your expertise can help determine whether the ideas are viable enough for people willing to put in the money to make them happen.

Medical Education

Online teaching jobs for doctors exist with universities, learning websites, or self-created courses. Many major universities hold online classes year-round. You may be able to get a part-time job that complements your other work, or switch to teaching full-time. There are also partnerships online learning platforms have made with universities, like Coursera.

You can also create your own course or partner with a platform online to teach continuing education classes. A resource like Teachable makes creating your own courses easy, while a platform like Hippo serves as a great partner for clinicians to design learning that satisfies continuing education requirements.

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