Profiles in Telehealth: An FNP Believes Virtual Care Can Improve Women's Healthcare Access

We interviewed Nurse Practitioner Catherine to hear about her journey from the Navy to practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner full-time. Learn more about why she thinks telemedicine can improve healthcare access for women and other overlooked areas of medicine.

What’s your background? What did you do before practicing telemedicine?

I started my nursing career as a Navy nurse 14 years ago, serving in Kuwait and Guantanamo Bay. After the Navy, I decided to go to grad school and became a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I've been working as an FNP for the past 7 years, mostly in primary care and with a special interest in women's health.

What’s your life like outside of work?

Before that COVID-19 pandemic, I would say that traveling was up there as one of my hobbies. I am now learning to enjoy a slower-paced life at home with my husband and two year-old daughter. We're into baking and exploring parks and nature reserves near us in Philadelphia, but I still look forward to when I can travel and eat out somewhere fun safely!

What brought you to telemedicine?

I decided to take a break from in-office primary care when my daughter was about 10 months old. I spent a couple of months with her at home and realized that I wanted to practice again but was not ready to go back to a clinic. That is when I came across Wheel and the telemedicine opportunities available and I haven't looked back since. I can't imagine going back to a clinic now because the flexibility that telemedicine provides is unparalleled.

What’s your recent Wheel Moment of Freedom?

During COVID, I have appreciated my ability to work in telemedicine even more than before! My family decided to flee to my parent's house during the peak of COVID in Philadelphia, and I was so thankful that I could continue to work while being displaced.

What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

I am most excited to see changes in our healthcare system that increase healthcare access for run of the mill concerns and underserved areas of medicine. For example, I have a special interest in women's health topics that have commonly been overlooked, like pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction.

I look forward to a time when they are mainstream concerns are addressed appropriately.

Thanks, Catherine, for being an essential member of the #WheelCareTeam!

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