Profiles in Telehealth: An NP Homeschools her Children While Delivering Virtual Patient Care

We interviewed internal medicine Nurse Practitioner, Nicole S., to learn how telemedicine has given her the freedom to be involved with her children's lives through homeschooling.

What’s your background? What did you do before practicing telemedicine?

I am currently practicing in an internal medicine clinic but have provided care in both urgent care and pain management settings in the past. I started as a nurse in 2010 and began working as a family nurse practitioner in 2016.

What’s your life like outside of work?

I live in Missouri with my husband as he completes an emergency medicine residency. We have 4 kids between the ages of 2 and 10 years old that keep me very busy. Prior to Missouri, my husband’s training took us to several states like Idaho, Washington, and North Carolina.

What brought you to telemedicine?

I had been wanting to get involved with telemedicine for the last few years but did not have success in finding a suitable company until I came across Wheel.

What’s your recent Wheel Moment of Freedom?

While many of my peers have been furloughed or had hours decreased in the last two months, I’ve been able to continue work and thrive as a nurse practitioner in the virtual care environment. I have also been able to homeschool my children while working, which is a rare and beautiful gift.

What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

I anticipate that telemedicine will continue to grow exponentially and be the future of healthcare, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As virtual care providers, we are in a unique position to continue to care for people in their homes, who may otherwise feel helpless. I love that healthcare is slowly transitioning to a preventative medicine system. I am hopeful that as the years go on, our healthcare system population will focus on education and prevention as primary treatment options.

As virtual care providers, we are in a unique position to continue to care for people in their homes, who may otherwise feel helpless.

Thanks, Nicole, for being an essential member of the #WheelCareTeam!

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