Profiles in Telehealth: Sara Levy, Senior Product Solutions Manager

Get to know our Senior Product Solutions Manager, Sara Levy!

What is your role at Wheel?

I recently stepped into a new role at Wheel as Senior Product Solutions Manager, where I’ll be working with clients and internal stakeholders to understand and help design solutions for client care programs.

Before that, I was a Technical Program Manager working closely with the Product, Ops, and Implementation teams to plan delivery and lead configuration efforts for the first partner launches on Wheel's enhanced virtual care platform.

    What's your personal and professional story?

    I grew up near Seattle, Washington in a big family on a small family farm. I’ve had a pretty wide variety of work experiences, but have spent the last five years working with the original telehealth platform (EMR and patient portal) that is now part of Wheel’s enhanced virtual care platform. I have seen this platform go through many iterations and expansions, including two acquisitions and the early Covid telehealth boom.

    Outside of work, I love to explore the Bay Area (where I live currently), go on walks, have dinner parties, and experiment with preserving / fermenting random things in the kitchen!

    Why did you join Wheel?

    I joined Wheel in December 2022 as part of Wheel’s acquisition of GoodRx’s Care technology platform. It’s been a really interesting process to work with the same product but in a totally new context, and to meet a lot of wonderful new people along the way!

    What’s your favorite Wheel moment?

    Since I’ve been involved with this particular platform for a long time, it has been really exciting to see it be newly invested in and expanded upon with the integration into Wheel’s enhanced platform, and to see things like multi-tenancy, longitudinal care, and more extensive labs integrations start to come to life.

    What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

    It’s been interesting to be in this space over the last few years and see the ways in which telehealth has expanded access to care and where its limitations are. I hope to continue seeing improvements for patients when it comes to more holistic healthcare system navigation/care coordination and longitudinal care.

    Fun fact?

    I used to be a kayak guide in Washington's San Juan Islands and through that got to have a lot of really amazing encounters with Orcas and other marine mammals.

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