Profiles in Telehealth: Mindy Farr, Strategic Account Manager

Get to know Wheel Strategic Account Manager, Mindy Farr. She is the internal/external conduit bridging our IM team, ops, R&D, and clinical operations. She navigates post-sale account health and supports identifying expansion opportunities in modality or treatment conditions for a portfolio of Wheel Clients. Her passion is delivering high levels of customer success in win-win partnerships.

What’s your personal story?

Personally, my family moved across the South but the majority of my time growing up was in Durham, North Carolina. I'm 100% a "true Southerner." My amazing parents (married 59 years) poured everything into the family. Their constant focus was our education and they inspire my drive for hard work coupled with ambition. Fun fact: my siblings and I are ALL in the healthcare industry.

College took me to Athens, Georgia (Go Dawgs!) where I graduated with a BA in Journalism/Advertising; minors in Communications and Marketing. I currently call Dothan, Alabama home, where I live with my Daughter who is a Senior at Auburn University

What's your professional story?

Professionally, I love to say that healthcare BD is "all I really know how to do." The rewarding part of my path is the cross-functional twists my career has taken. Today, it brings value to my current role at Wheel; where we are growing and diversifying the spaces and products our solutions bring to the market.

My experience includes Director/Strategic planning positions with a leading US clinical trials laboratory supporting FDA submissions for NDA's where I was a part of their first global expansion to Europe. I've got bench strength in ambulatory and post-acute business development with home healthcare/chronic condition management as well as specialty focused pharma/biotech. Some of my industry touch points include large Academic and Hospital IDN's, significant at-risk US health plans and payers, and major account ownership at the corporate level inside pharma/biotech.

I've spanned roles in Fortune companies, but found my true landing spot in the high growth startup world. These experiences provide me a unique, broad view of the healthcare landscape at the patient, clinician, insurance and provider level. Working side by side with the people inside these organizations, I identify with how much innovation from a company like Wheel means to them. I'd say it's my magic wand to understanding my customer's like minded passion and urgency to change healthcare.

Why did you join Wheel?

Joining Wheel in July, 2022 was a true blessing in my personal and professional career growth. I'm continually reminded of my intentional decision to become a Wheelie. Our mission to always have patient access to care at the forefront is a watermark inside our organization. The bright, committed colleagues I'm surrounded by, inspire me to become the best version of myself everyday and constantly elevate my learnings in our digital solution space. I'm excited about what's on the horizon at Wheel; particularly the platform innovation we have around the corner that will benefit even more patients across our partnerships.

    What’s your favorite Wheel moment?

    Hands down my trips to our corporate office in Austin. What incredible people we have! As a remote Wheelie nothing replaces rolling your sleeves up in person to deliver impactful client interactions, solve problems or strategize internally how we can keep pushing to think outside the box everyday. The brilliant minds I get to work around (both in person and virtually) are what keeps my sense of urgency high to deliver to our client base.

    What does the future of healthcare look like?

    I'm passionate about the future because healthcare stakeholders are listening to "the voice of the patient." Today's antiquated system is finally "getting it" that our broken model isn't working for patients and it's not satisfying providers who deliver care. I'm seeing stronger bridges to meet patients where they are, energized providers who are embracing digital innovation, and reduced complexity seeking care with timely cost effective treatment.

    The healthcare world is finally paying attention to barriers surrounding SDOH and within under-represented diverse patient populations who desperately need us to hear them. Wheel falls squarely in the intersection of this virtual first movement bringing a brighter, more efficient care delivery ecosystem that patients and providers deserve. I'm so honored to be here and be a part of it all!

    Do you have a fun fact?

    • I'm obsessed with organizing. Huge student of Marie Kondo's KonMari and Joshua Becker's Becoming Minimalist. I love editing spaces for family and friends, have done classes on organizing and in my downtime social media surf cool tips and products!

    • Self professed College football junkie, especially if it involves my beloved Georgia Bulldogs (only t-minus 163 days till the 2023 season kickoff).

    • Pure Barre and reformer Pilates enthusiast - it's my stress reliever - working on 500 classes as my next milestone.

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