Profiles in Telehealth: Nick Thompson

Get to know Software Engineer, Nick Thomson!

What is your role at Wheel?

I'm a software engineer working on many different pieces of Wheel! I work on the websites our patients and clinicians use as well as the backend machinery that powers the company behind the scenes. On an average morning, you can find me working from a coffee shop or starting a programming session in my office. Later in the day I usually meet with the team, pair up with another programmer, or talk through a new technical problem.

    What's your personal and professional story?

    I grew up in Arizona and lived in Albany, NY for 6 years. Now I'm back out west and living in Denver, CO! Computers have always been an interest of mine so I went for a computer science degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After graduating I worked as a programmer at an e-commerce company for a few years and then came to Wheel.

    Outside of work I've tried home-brewing. Picture a 5-gallon batch of stout in a huge fermentor. I also enjoy simple outdoor activities like hiking, tennis, and pickleball. My last trip was exploring Mexico City, it was such a colorful place to walk around!

    Why did you join Wheel?

    I heard about Wheel through a friend. It was the experience I was looking for -- a smaller and younger company where I could grow more as a programmer. Engineering at Wheel has changed a vast amount in the two years I've been here. As more teams are added and new clients request features I find myself frequently adjusting how I work. Learning and working with others is huge here. It is not a space to stand still and settle in with only a few skills.

    What’s your favorite Wheel moment?

    I remember the day we launched virtual care for a big brand, and we could actually use their website and go to their physical stores. Seeing a real patient go through the entire process and pick up a prescription was amazing! I also love hearing the stories of clinicians who use Wheel to work flexibly and achieve a lifestyle they couldn't have at a brick-and-mortar company.

    What do you think the future of healthcare holds?

    After 2020, so many patients and clinicians became interested in virtual care, and I think this interest will be sustained indefinitely. Patients will get used to accessible, safe, and fast care and will always want to see more. Instead of one big innovation, I am most interested in the expansion of virtual care into dozens of different areas simultaneously. Patients will notice every new service.

    Fun fact?

    Strong chocolate makes me sneeze uncontrollably but I have no other allergic reaction. Or how about a more relevant one! When I was a toddler my grandfather said I was going to be an engineer because I would separate out the unbroken Cheerios and carefully examine them. Here I am.

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