Profiles in Telehealth: Mariah LaMountain, Executive Assistant

Get to know Executive Assistant, Mariah LaMountain. She is the right-hand woman of our CEO, Michelle Davey, but as you'll see, she wears many Wheelie hats! Mariah is the detail-oriented backbone every team needs. From managing our Austin office to keeping the activities of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) running smoothly, Mariah is not just the "Gift Fairy," she's the gifted fairy, or rather, our jane-of-all trades. 💪

What’s your role at Wheel?

I'm primarily the Executive Assistant to Michelle, but I also support Shoshana (CMO) and Vince (CRO), and work in tandem with my EA-Partner-in-Calendar-Jujitsu, Stephanie Paw, to keep the ELT running as smoothly as possible. In addition to supporting the executive team, I also manage our Austin office, which includes but is not limited to: the day-to-day running of things, hosting happy hours, being the onsite snack-manager and occasional coffee machine mechanical engineer.

To scratch my creative itch, I've taken on the role of in-house designer (of office interiors and swag), and am the one-woman shipping & fulfillment team/gift aficionado aka The Gift Fairy 🧚✨ And I occasionally dabble in People/Recruiting support when needed. I'm allergic to monotony, can you tell?

What's your personal and professional story?

I grew up in Southern California and never thought I'd have any reason or desire to leave. In hindsight, it's such a laughable and limiting thought to have had, but that close-to-perfect climate is highly convincing. I ventured away from familiar comforts, changed my major, and got my BFA in Interior Design from O'more College of Architecture & Design at Belmont in Nashville.

Post-college I moved back to San Diego to work at a design firm. Two years later, I realized I was burnt out, a little creatively comatose, and in need of a change. Having been involved in all aspects of the design firm business, I had a friend suggest that I look into becoming an EA and that was ultimately the avenue I followed.

Outside of work, I find my balance by working out 5-6 times a week at minimum. For me, it's a necessary therapy that helps me manage stress. I love to do anything creative, most often that tends to be painting or being crafty. After an especially hectic week, I'll happily waste a weekend lounging outside and reading for hours on end. There's still a ton I have yet to do after living in Austin for 2 years, so I'm hoping to check off some of those 'Must Do's' this summer and get out on the lake with my paddle board more often.

Why did you join Wheel?

Prior to Wheel I was at ICON Aircraft, a light sport amphibious aircraft manufacturer, where I supported multiple executives and managed our aircrafts and office that was located at Santa Monica Airport. True to form, I had my hands in everything there too, from pilot and aircraft logistics, to hosting events, liaising with high net worth guests and celebrities, and the occasional shoo-ing away of paparazzi. Where there was a need I was there to help fill it, or at minimum, take steps to a solution.

As timing would have it, the two executives I supported made the decision to transition out of the company and within days LA was put on lockdown, which resulted in 9+ months of job searching to no avail. The pandemic shook the limited comforts I had in early 2020 and I realized it was time to look beyond California to find a better sense of normalcy and opportunity for myself. I learned about Wheel from 'Built In' and applied on every platform I saw, multiple times if it allowed me to. I got a call from a recruiter in January 2021, interviewed with Michelle a day later, and started remotely the following week while in the midst of the Series B fundraise - it was arguably the best onboarding experience I could've had. I made Austin my home shortly thereafter in May 2021 and it's been a fulfilling, blur of a ride ever since.

Mariah LaMountain with Wheelies
L: Mariah with fellow Wheelies in volleyball league R: Mariah with Meg who recruited her to Wheel

    What’s your favorite Wheel moment?

    I can't pinpoint a singular memorable moment. The evolution of Wheel in the last two years has been an experience all its own. We've had growing pains, but I'm always most encouraged by my peers that come together and share resources in an effort to attain a shared goal while we move forward.

    What does the future of healthcare look like?

    The technical advancements and further democratization of care by removing hurdles that once existed will have an impact that I don't believe is totally quantifiable yet in its potential positive compounding effects. I hope in our lifetime we're lucky enough to see the results of the small part we've played and how it forever changes and empowers those providing and receiving care on the macro level.

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